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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Froggish, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. I read that in Owen Wilson’s voice.
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. What difference does it make what is on her’s or anyone else’s twitter feed? Why would you or Crypto bother to care? Does this mean you could make observations and judgements? Remember we don’t know her. I’m guessing no one here knows Kennedy either, but I saw in this thread where a Kf.c Sage called him a POS.
  4. "If you and all the apologists want to tell your daughters and sons to follow what’s on this girl’s twitter feed as an example, then go ahead."

    so you don't remember typing this earlier?
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  5. What difference does it make what is on her’s or anyone else’s twitter feed? Rhetorical mocking.

    Since you can no longer see that twitter feed, I’m guessing the person got some advice (perhaps legal, parental or she just wised up) to take it down.
  6. Do I need to use the incognito mode?
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  7. Just stop...
  8. Lol. No can do or I’ll be branded a trashy slut up in here.
  9. Never. You'd probably have half a hundred people ready for a fight at frog fountain to defend your honor.

    As long as a certain pic got posted... ;):D
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  10. Let's just say that they aren't visible in your swimsuit picture. ;)
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  11. Or, maybe the OU faithful(and one TCU fan) are attacking her, and judging her by her tattoos, and calling her a slut. Or even possibly threatening her.

    So maybe she took it down for her own safety.
  12. The rules that are violated on this forum are borderline criminal....
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  13. Mods can do what they want. Kind of like Baker Mayfield.

  14. We posted the same thing at nearly the same time. Gotta respect the effort and showmanship. Dude smashed it.

    Bakefield is at the top of the beer crushing standings. Aaron Rodgers is dead last.
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  15. She may be a great sweet moral young lady or a trashy slut, I don't know and it is irrelevant to a Title IX investigation.

    If any young lady calls me and relays a story of abuse, I call the police.

    Not her job or my job to protect someone's career.

    That said, not much evidence to go on for the OU Title IX office and the victim has never called the police.

    OU Moved her away from him by rescheduling her classes. Not much else a college can do for off campus behaviour. Let the OU and Norman cops know, get a Court Order for prevention of family violence, and try to make better choices in the future.

    OU is going to white wash this and the young man will get his NFL contract.

    If the physical assault was in the last two years, look at a civil lawsuit in Texas (avoids OU loving jurors). Because he allegedly "left me stranded on the road in Texas".

    My $.02!
  16. Y’all make trashy slut sound like it’s a bad thing?
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  17. Yah that dude is high level annoying, but it’s obviously worked for him up to this point. Bruh man got paid.

    (And don’t tell anyone I said this, I actually thought that was pretty funny)
  18. W
    Which country club? Asking for a friend.
  19. No it's real.

  20. Who cares what Collin Cow [ Orgeron ] thinks about much of anything? So far no substance abuse issues seem to affect his on field performance. It's the offseason.
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