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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Everyone remembers the Rudy episode
  2. I'll be dogged...actually watched Angel Has Fallen last night with R & T. I agree, it was a solid action flick.
  3. Anyone been watching the new season of The sarcastic dystopian vibe is pretty funny. Don’t think it’s as good as previous seasons but it’s not bad either.
  4. Ohh, I can't tell how many times my youngest and I watched this back in the 90s. His absolute favorite movie.
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  7. Bond girl galore...
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  8. Did you mean Hillary?
  9. watching atomic blonde again on fx.

    guilty pleasure movie and i really like the music
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  10. That’s one of my recent favorites. Everything about it was well done.
  11. [​IMG]

    one of the things i liked about it is when the characters have been fighting for 2-3 minutes they actually show signs of fatigue

    perfect example is the final fight in the flat where theron and the kgb agent are so tired they are just swinging wildly and stumbling
  12. Dolemite is my name on Netflix is worth the time. Funny and kinda inspirational...based on a true story too which I didn't know at first.
  13. some, many might disagree but when i have rewatched this movie it is more a classic in the over the top comic book fashion almost to the point of bordering on the violence seen in kick ass or a tarantino movie versus a classic gangster movie simliar to the godfather or good fellas.

    if they remake it and truly do it with a new rebranding versus an updated version of de palma's vision in might work
  14. Party on dudes...

  15. Keanu Reeves, perfectly cast.
  16. Thought the Bruce Lee 30 for 30 was really good. Really enjoyed seeing the old TV interviews with Lee. Could not get into the Lance Armstrong 30 for 30 though.

    Been watching a lot of old westerns lately. Rewatched Tombstone again and it is my second favorite western behind Josey Wales. Val Kilmer and Kurt Russell are both great in it. Strong ensemble cast and I dug watching Powers Booth as a bad guy. Worth a rewatch if you have not seen it in a while. However, Joe Kidd was mediocre. The original True Grit with the Duke is strong, too. It was better than the remake, even though I am huge fan of the Dude.
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  17. I skipped high school to see the second one - the Bogus Journey - can't believe it was been that long ago. May have to call in sick to work to see this one. Seems fitting for some odd reason.
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