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OT - Movies thread


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Movies I've watched these days:

Remember that great movie "Air" about Nike and Michael Jordan?

Well, Jerry Seinfeld's new movie "Unfrosted" about the origin of Pop Tarts is the opposite. Absolutely unwatchable. Rated a 0 on my pee break scale, because I bailed on it way before nature called. Brainless farce.

To cleanse my movie palate, I've re-watched:

"In Harm's Way". John Wayne at his greatest.

"12 O'Clock High". Covers same daylight precision bombing on Nazi Germany as "Masters of the Air", but was such a good movie it was used in the Air Force's professional military education program for many years for the leadership lessons it taught.

"Fail Safe". Accidental nuclear war possible?

"Seven Days in May". A military coup possible?

Oh, and I'm also binging every episode of "FantomWorks".

Might I suggest "Porkchop Hill", "One, Two, Three" and "They Were Expendable".


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I’ve been watching Sugar on Apple. The latest episode dropped a bomb that takes it completely into a genre that I literally never watch. Debating on whether to stay with it.
I won’t do any spoilers, but I literally told my wife, “Well, I’m out!!”
Yeah, I didn’t expect that fork in the road…I don’t have an issue with that genre, but my wife said exactly what you did. I’ll convince her to finish it…


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Interesting topic…had a professor in school who studied and wrote about motorcycle gangs. Looks interesting but I don’t think I can handle Tom Hardy’s voice for the role for 2 hours.

The Bikeriders…



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Hear me out...watched Abigail this weekend. Really liked it. Kevin Durand, that guy that's in every movie but you don't know his name, shines as the "muscle." Turns out one of my really good friends has known him for years online and went up to see him at a con up in Dallas. Seems like a great dude. He voices/mocaps Proximus Caesar in the new Planet of the Apes movie, and watching him during interviews is fascinating.

Anyways, Abigail. Gore and humor and absurdity. Great fun.