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OT- Current recs for streaming service?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Billy Clyde, Aug 30, 2019.

  1. I have been using PS Vue for a little over a year, and been mostly ok with it. I also use Hulu and Netflix, and have Prime.
    Charter internet(or whatever they call it now) is $40 a month.
    The Vue subscription strikes me as pretty expensive- $50 a month. So, before I renew again for this month, would like to hear any suggestions for better service/less money. Thanks in advance for any ideas!
  2. I have DirectTV Now which just became ATT Now or something. It’s about $50/month but I get most channels I need except for the Astros. I haven’t had issues with it.
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  3. Is that for Video Service plus Internet?
  4. I’m using Hulu Live for 2nd year in a row. Have liked it so far. The interface is definitely better on both Roku and the mobile app than PS Vue’s was. Plus you get regular Hulu if you didn’t already have it. $48 a month total damage after taxes. My only complaint is not being able to fast forward/rewind through commercials on recorded content.
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  5. Sounds like could save a bit, since I pay for basic Hulu now. Bummer about not being able to skip commercials, that's such a huge time saver. My (probably) biggest gripe about PSVue is the slow interface with FireStick at home.
  6. YouTube tv here. couldn’t recommend it enough.
  7. I’ve had them all. You Tube Tv is what I settled on because of price, features and stability. Also best sports channels
  8. I’m a Roku/YouTube.tv guy.. We only just cut the cord about 6 weeks ago. Happy so far but football season is a big deal in my house so I’ll reserve my endorsement until I get a handle on how it holds up
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  9. Get a Roku TV then subscribe to YouTube TV.
  10. Ditto.... just switched recently from DTV
  11. I used to have Vue and switched to YouTube TV, which I think is far superior. Much better interface, has a good app, much better DVR, very reliable and a good channel lineup. Plus you can watch Cobra Kai on YouTube Originals!

    Also, when I had Vue and set a football game to record, the recording was completely linked to the official time slot. And every game goes long, so I would NEVER get the entire game, unless I set the following program to record and went and found the "episode" I needed, etc. I'm not sure if I have just been lucky, but YouTube TV seems to actually record the game I ask it to record.
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  12. I think that’s my next provider. Just need for my direct tv contract to run out
  13. Question, if I may: which Roku are yall using? Do I need the Ultra or will just any do (if it matters, my TV is HDR/4K)?
  14. Tagging onto this question, what is Roku TV? Is that a plug-in device like a FireStick to a USB port?

    I'm sold on the UTube idea, will give it a shot and sign up tonight!

    Edit: Thanks for all the info, you Nerds is good peoples! :)
  15. I’m using an older Roku 3 box I’ve had for 4-5 years..The Ultra is probably the better way to go but we haven’t noticed any issues. Of course the ultra could be miles better and we just don’t know it
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  16. Sling. I get stadium, sec network, all the espns, Pac 12 network and fox sports 1 and 2. I don't get fssw though.
  17. Y'all are missing out if not using a Firestick. Infinitely better than Roku for streaming services.
  18. Wife and I have T-Mobile One. Free Netflix. We also get Amazon Prime free with our Dallas rental which we can use in New York. Cutting the cord was one of the best things we did.

    YouTube TV was great. Try the trial. We do not watch much TV so wasn't for us.
  19. Imma ask a totally serious question my dad would have asked me (and one I would have rolled my eyes at): how so? I'm considering both and was leaning Roku. In your opinion, what separates the Firestick?
  20. I recently got PSvue for streaming and it is pretty good. A little annoyed they bumped bill $5 a month back. One cool feature with Vue and Apple TV hardware is you can watch in multi-screen (looks really good) and this option is nice when multiple games are going at the same time.

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