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OT- Current recs for streaming service?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Billy Clyde, Aug 30, 2019.

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  2. Just trying it out this month. It’s been working great. Quality is excellent. Once in a while it spins. It could be my Firestick. I’ve learned some tricks on resetting Firestick and/or refreshing the Team B channels. I have 100 mbps service. Hopefully it gets me through Hurricane Dorian .
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  3. Is that an invitation, sir? I’ll politely decline, not that there is anything wrong with that.
  4. There's plenty wrong with that.
  5. If anyone had an issue like me last night and couldn’t find TCU on Roku’s Fox Sports app where they have been in past seasons, it’s because they have created a separate “Fox Sports GO” app for all the FSSW/local affiliate programming.

    TCU games on FS1 are shown on the regular Fox Sports app, FSSW is on Fox Sports GO.
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  6. The FS Go app is the original app. The Fox Sports app is the new one but on the Roku food chain it's the easier one to find. Another reason Firestick>Roku. When the new app came out about 4 months ago I thought I had lost my mind. Took me a few days to realize it was a completely different app.
  7. Website doesn’t list espn and other sports channels.
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  9. Went ahead and pulled the trigger on Roku/YouTube TV. I am very resistant to change but was inspired by the thread and yet another 230.00 cable bill. I can say I am really tickled by the whole deal and kick myself for paying those rip off cable bills for so long. Said goodbye to 15 Spanish channels and another 15 general garbage channels and kept everything sports plus all the good stuff. $85.00 base rate down from $230.00 per month.
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  10. It’s good stuff. Roku is great too with great interface. I’ll never go back to cable.
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  11. My exact set up and I have been happy with my access to our normal programming. Added the HBO app to Roku and I’m saving a lot of money for essentially the same cable package I was actually watching..
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  12. Weird comment. Vendetta against roku or something?
  13. No, i have something against blind faith in some review site that is paid by certain entities.

    I assume you've personally evaluated every alternative there is and concluded that your suggestion is the best?
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    I’ve have friends with chrome stick, firestick, and roku. I think roku interface and remote is easily tops.

    Edit: I also own an Apple TV but it’s an early generation. It also has a great interface but don’t think it’s compatible with every service like roku is. it’s also more expensive than the $30 my roku cost.
  15. I've owned multiple Rokus, the newest Firestick, the Chromecast, and have used the AppleTV on many occasions, plus a couple of my TVs are smart at this point. They all work well to some degree, but I like the Roku the most. I'm sure the AppleTV is good too, but I'm not invested in their ecosystem and I haven't seen anything that made it worth 3-5x the cost of the Roku. I personally don't like the interface on the Firestick as much, and I've had the Firestick crash on me and stop responding to my universal remotes.
  16. The Roku interface is generic and simple. I feel like I'm using dated technology.
  17. I know I’m beating a dead horse by bringing this thread back up, but directv has upped my bill once again and my wife doesn’t feel like dealing with them anymore. Usually she goes into nightmare customer mode and they give us whatever she wants to get off the phone with her. I basically just need the sports channels and some other standard channels for kids and such.

    If I got youtubeTV or Hulu Live TV or any others would I have to pay for the service for each TV? Also, any recommendations are appreciated.
  18. I'm totally on board with a healthy dose of suspicion of MOST review sites. But I don't understand why you'd feel that way about CR. They are consumer-funded, no advertising, their only revenue source as far as I know is member subscriptions. Can't think of how a particular manufacturer would be able to put their thumb on the scale with them.

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