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OT- Current recs for streaming service?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Billy Clyde, Aug 30, 2019.

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  2. Dammit now I'm just hopelessly confused again. Apparently I want them all.
  3. Maybe a dumb question but are the YouTube channels HD? I am paying $230 a month plus Prime and Netflix costs for cable and wireless internet, no local phone no movie channels. Been doing that for way too long. Need to change.
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  4. Nope, just video streaming.
  5. OK, here's another wrinkle. I am out in the sticks and our internet routes thru an ATT 4G "aircard." Do these YouTube, Roku, Firestick, Hulu things you speak of connect to the internet, or are they direct connections to a satellite or something else? This aircard really sucks and regularly disconnects everything from the internet, so I really want to get rid of it when we cut the cord. Advice? We have DirectTV now, but wouldn't mind getting rid of it and change to something better.
  6. Have you looked into satellite internet with a VPN? Not sure how else to get high speed internet in the boonies.

    ETA: And yes, these devices connect to the interwebs to stream.
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  7. I assume it’s HD because my YouTube Tv picture is perfect. I don’t use a Roku device because my TV is already wireless. Just download the ap on the smart TV. Simply sign up for free trial to see what you think. Easy to cancel. Also you can then install both the ESPN and Fox Sports Go ap selecting YouTubeTv as your television provider. There is no contract so you can cancel and restart anytime. Also can watch from two devices at same time.
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  8. YouTube tv is great. You can also share it with others thru google family, up to 5 people I think. Each person gets their own login and unlimited dvr space. I pay $50 a month and let my dad back in MO, my brother, and two of my friends use my account too. You get every sports channel I can think as well. Also whenever you travel and air bnb you can log in to your account on any smart tv which was awesome during spring training in Florida to watch march madness. Great service.
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  9. Whaaaaaaaat? I pay exactly half that. $60 for 100/100 internet through Frontier and $55 for PSVue with the sports addition.
  10. Yes, all internet based. You’ll want at least a 5mb/sec download speed for streaming TV, assuming no other devices drawing from it. Don’t know anything about the aircard...sounds like early DSL. I’d move to civilization.
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  11. Thanks. And no, most HOAs and zoning prohibit cows.
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  12. Well, fwiw, my FIL is a retired Doc up near Wichita Falls who lives within decent internet range but keeps his cows on property out in the Iowa Park sticks a few miles away. It can work.
  13. Be advised that, as of two days ago, YouTubeTV is no longer eligible to stream ESPN3.

    We've definitely had baseball and basketball games on there before. Not sure about football, but definitively something to consider if you watch non-football sports.
  14. I’m an Apple TV 4K and Hulu Live person and when I cancelled cable, I’ve never felt more alive.
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  15. Dammit now I'm just hopelessly confused again. Apparently I want them all.
    Have a go at sex... With a partner.
  16. Highly recommend PlayStation Vue for sports... they will have the TCU game tonight with the sports pack, and I’m currently watching 4 games on split screen and it’s beautiful.
  17. I’ve also used YouTube TV and liked it, and AT&T TV Now and it was OK. AT&T TV Now has the biggest channel selection by far, YouTube TV has probably the best overall product but they channel package is a tad thin.
  18. That's only available with a PS4 or Apple TV, right? The Fox Sports app has the 4 pane view and it's pretty cool.
  19. Correct... you can also go 4 wide with espn app like fox sports.

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