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ORU under fire since they made the Sweet 16

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by flyfishingfrog, Mar 25, 2021.

  1. Christians can dish it out but can't take it themselves. There is a 4,000 year record of judeo/christian condemnation of homosexuality and now non-christians get to ride the moral high horse.

    No I do not think the basketball team should be 'cancelled'. That is just stupid, mean and spiteful to single out innocent teammates in this.
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  2. I have no problem with mirrors. Way to throw a profession under the bus because you disagree with one.
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  3. No. Try not posting political BS disguised as sports talk in the sports forum, and no one will call you out for it, capisce?

    But hey, keep on owning the libs, just not in the sports forum.
  4. I disagree with a lot more lawyers than one - but the one I am married too could give a [ #2020 ]

    I have three in my family and tell them all the same thing - the world has to many lawyers and that profession has too much influence on our society
  5. Regardless of what forum - what I said is 100% accurate - both sides are the same despite trying to act like polar opposites

    but there is no way as much of a liberal coolaid drinker as you are you would ever see that - so it’s not surprising you disagree because you think you are right and the other side is wrong in everything
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  6. If both sides are the same, why do you hate on liberals? Or Republicans? Do you hate yourself?? Are you Joan Jett???
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  7. Because libs are lying hypocrites - acting like they are here to help and be so different than the last guy when really they are doing the exact same things just with their own agenda and everything they do is to maintain control and power- not to help anyone

    I was never a trump fan and can’t stand the Republican leadership’s idiocy- but at least they generally leave our right to live our lives based on our own achievements alone - even if the only reason they do is because that is where their power base comes from
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  8. Religion is a sham. It’s all regional. Kind of like college football. You preach what you grow up in.

    Be good to others and it all works out in the end.
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  9. As if cancer doctors don’t think they are God and get mad when called upon it. Listen and look in the mirror yourself old man.
  10. I never met an Oncologist that had god complex really - it’s a specialty where too many of your patients never recover and often the best you can do is increase the amount or quality of time someone has left with their family

    if I was supposed to be a god in my 50 years of practice- I did a piss poor job of it

    surgeons in different specialties are more prone to believing their abilities can be the difference between life or death- although the vast majority have experienced the loss of a patient that shook them to core and always serves as a reminder that time is the only real winner in our lives

    criminal defense attorneys are the closest I have ever seen to physicians - because much like in my practice, failure could cost someone their lives or change it drastically for the worse

    I wish more lawyers had to face that reality - would probably reduce the amount of cases in the system
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  11. looney tunes

    own the libs just like lying Ted and Don the Con. Oh and that Cotton guy.

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    There are more business to business lawsuits than PI lawsuits by like 10 times.

    I have never sued a doctor as lawyer of record and don’t plain to because I appreciate your profession. I have numerous family members who have been or active physicians so I am propositioned to appreciating the art of practicing medicine.

    The only doctor I ever agreed with suing was a radiologist in Marshall Texas who claimed to be board certified and was not. He went from hospital to hospital misdiagnosing people because he was a drunk and drug abuser and the system covered him up because he was a doctor, and a living god. The hospital didn’t do it’s due diligence. You absolutely know of similar doctors in Texas that are protected like the thin blue line of the police. It’s outrageous the amount of coverup in the medical industry of bad doctors in Texas. There is no defense.

    That doctor missed my mother’s annual breast scan that was obvious. She ended up with stage 4 and with the help of MD Anderson and John Hopkins experimental trial she is still alive. It was a open and shut down case that he admitted. We received his full liability for 4 million which was nothing compared her issues.

    My mother this last week has had a remission that she is heartbroken. She is 86 on April 2 so she is resigned to it but I cannot help but look back on my former neighbor who still lives the good life and still drinks like a fish. He still practices to this day in another hospital in anther town. I have no doubt that he is still an issue. The Texas medical board covers for him and it is outrageous. No other profession covers its members like the Texas medical board. They are cowards and those who protect them are just as guilty by their silence.
  13. Hahahahahaha! The Bozo Show is back.
  14. I'd tell you what I told my ex Brother in Law at Thanksgiving when he said the same thing, next time someone breaks a contract and doesn't pay you, call your accountant.

    The fact that I see hypocracy in most far right religious based universities that gladly remain intellectually dishonest for the sake of a win on the playing field has nothing to do with my profession.

    Wallow in your "I hate lawyers" bar talk argument line, but blaming the guy/girl who points out an obvious fact for your silliness to dismiss truth simply because of the source only further proves your hypocracy.
  15. Feel confident you are old enough to remember a time when a person who felt wronged initial thought was not to call an attorney but to actually try and work it out with the other party first

    but an attorney’s first thought is call an attorney because they can keep you from getting screwed - screwed by another attorney that is....

    amazing how problems were ever resolved in this world in the days when there were not 1.33 million lawyers in the US....

    270% increase in the number of attorneys in the US since 1980 while the population has grown less than 50% has created a self fulfilling condition where every agreement, discussion or action we take “needs a lawyer” and that was not always true in our country
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    Sorry about your mom. My mom had a similar issue with delayed diagnosis for almost a year despite her going to see the physician repeatedly about a lump and was told it was fine. I was in high school and she was 49 at the time. She survived about five years with aggressive treatment but her life was miserable.
    I believe that the system of hiding bad physicians has been mostly corrected and is much improved. Peer review committees take these things pretty seriously. The TMB can be hit and miss in my experience. They reprimand often over stupid details that don’t matter (clerical mistakes etc) and miss the boat on some more serious issues. I do believe that the TMB has a much tougher policy on bad docs than most medical boards and have gotten tougher since tort reform laws changed, as mandated by legislators.
    There are bad physicians, bad nurses, bad attorneys, bad police officers, bad teachers, and every other profession you can think of. We should not define the majority in a profession by the minority. I believe most attorneys and physicians (and police, nurses, teachers etc) are good and try their best to do the right thing for those that they serve.

    For the record, I have never seen an oncologist that had a God complex. How could you have that when your treatments fail so often? In my experience, oncologists are some of the most compassionate and caring physician groups out there. There are certainly other specialties that have a much higher percent of personalities such as what you described. I would not lump oncologists into that. The one notable exception is the guy up in the Great Lakes area who was giving chemo to patients who did not have cancer and making a fortune off of it. I don’t really think of that as a God complex as much as just pure greed with no regard for his patient’s wellbeing. In other words, pure evil. Thankfully, those bad people are exceptionally rare.

    I have no animosity against attorneys and know many of them. Some of my favorite posters on this site have indicated that they are attorneys.
  18. I really hope you are right on the TMB changes. There are good people in all professions and a few bad apples are always present.
  19. Undoubtedly, the Big 10 brethren are still POed that a team as trivial as Oral Roberts

    had the audacity to upset their beloved Buckeyes.
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  20. It’s been awhile since I was deeply involved in oncology therapeutics but I agree with your assessment relative to the compassion and empathy demonstrated by the vast majority of oncologists I worked with...even the KOLs within that specialty. The “team approach” even further mitigates against any god-complex. My opinion from my experience is that oncologists run second in line to only rheumatologists in “lack of god-complex” but there’s always exceptions that prove the rule. Now...among the neurosurgeons...different story. But I’ve told many people that you’d probably prefer to have an exceptionally confident neurosurgeon than one with self-esteem issues. Once they decide to cut....the more “god-like” the better IMO.
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