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ORU under fire since they made the Sweet 16

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by flyfishingfrog, Mar 25, 2021.

  1. https://www.yahoo.com/news/no-oral-roberts-university-basketball-135007065.html

    Saw a long series of tweets full of outrage about this exact topic - ORU being allowed to play in the tournament...

    Funny how those on the cancel culture side of everyone they don't agree with totally miss the irony that this type of perspective was exactly why race-based segregation occurred originally....

    we can't just enjoy a good underdog story anymore - has to be someone to blame or a group to tell you it's wrong for you to succeed.
  2. Again, look hard enough and you’ll find some real [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ] on social media.
    Shouldn’t be allowed to participate in the NCAA tournament? Please!!

    An opportunity for me to root against them because a fraud televangelist came up with this idea for a school, who despises gays, yet doesn’t let men and women hold hands on campus?? Yup.
  3. I'm surprised the culture cancellers don't make them change their name...especially the first one.

    As a running line in the old '90s TV series "Dear John" a British characters says at least once an episode: "Is it Sex-U-oll"
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    This makes me recall a old friend of mine who wasn't much of a student in HS. His crazy Dad wanted him to become a Preacher to spread the gospel. There was no way this guy was going to get into any reputable college that could prep him for divinity school/seminary. So he enrolled in this rural, middle-of-nowhere Bible School up in the mountains of WVa. (Picture Snake Handlers.)This was the '70s.

    One of our in-common friends later tells me that at this school the men could not even touch any of the women. The only exception was in "helping" the ladies up or down the stairs. This co-friend (calling this guy Mr Horney would not be an exaggeration) said with a hearty laugh, "I bet that these guys spend all afternoon going up and down the stairs!"

    I still have that picture in my head forty years later.

    That being said, the name Oral Roberts, taken literally, I could see ATTRACTING some guys, including gays, to Tulsa!
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  5. "Just because you're offended, doesn't mean you're right."

    "Try hard not to offend, try harder not to be offended."
  6. “You do not have a right to not be offended”
  7. I forget, how did Nike and Goodyear offend Trump and his flock to get canceled?
  8. And here we go.
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    Remember the left is not really any different than the right despite all they preach and perceive - just two sides of the same coin

    it always starts with “well the other side did it also”
  10. Stupidity at it greatest level.

    Of course Oral Roberts is anti LBGTQ as is Baylor and I suspect Loyola of Chicago.

    The far right Evangelical and Conservative Churches have always condemned any form of sex outside of a husband and wife as a sin, immoral, an affront, to God, etc.

    It's like waking up and being surprised that there is gas in the tank of the family car.

    Oh she/he is gay! Who'd of thought that?

    Baylor won a national championship in women's basketball with an LBGTQ player leading the way.

    When being recruited she asked the Coach if her sexual preference would be a problem?

    The Baylor coach said just don't tell anybody and for four years she kept her mouth shut.

    The hypocracy of the far right christians knows no bounds.

    Cheer for them on Saturday and condemn them to hell on Sunday morning in a good lake of fire sermon.
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  11. “The hypocracy of the far right christians knows no bounds.”

    JFC that sentence is a mess.
  12. I’ll bet most the complainers are Ohio State fans.
    Their player were too worried about which knee to take during the national anthem to play basketball.
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  13. You made up that stuff about Baylor. That makes you a hypocrite, welcome to the club.
  14. It's not just far right Christians. It's Christian teaching going back to the earliest days of the Church. Should pastors and catechists make no differentiation between sexual sin? The good ones do just that. Sexual sin is sexual sin. That applies to all believing Christians. Intimate cohabitation outside of marriage is a sin. Sex between unmarried people is a sin. Homosexual acts are a sin. It just what the Church has always taught.

    Some just can't accept it. They want to have blessed what the Church teaches is sin. This ain't Nam, there are rules Dude!

    Don't be intellectually dishonest about it and single out Evangelical Protestants. These teachings are held by the Church Catholic. Accept it or not. If you reject Church teaching then so be it. Just own it and don't pretend.

    What is hypocritical is the recent moves to silence and erase traditional teaching. Remember, these agitators only wanted fair treatment. Now that's not enough. They want more and more and will go to any lengths to silence their opponents. The slippery slope is here. It wasn't just a right wing talking point.

    Pearl clutching over a basketball team is just sad and pitiful.

  15. Do you realize how hypocritical what you just said is?

    the all tolerant left - as long as you believe what they believe

    you cast dispersions across those you disagree with just as those on the religious right do - but then expect it to result in unity?

    maybe a mirror would help when getting on your pulpit...although like vampires, I know lawyers hate having to look themselves in the face most of the time
  16. cancel culture is nothing more than a collective of lazy dumbasses.
  17. Never mind that he has a degree from that hypocritical, bigoted, homophobic university in Waco and he trades on that degree to make a living.

    I don't think that Matt Groening from the Simpsons could write something that unbelievable.
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  18. This. If you go looking for crazy on the internet, there's a good chance you'll find it.

    Some super-woke corner of the internet doesn't like Oral Roberts. Who cares. This is hardly mainstream pressure.
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  19. Maybe you should look at the mainstream media that are starting to agree with them....

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