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Olympics Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jul 23, 2021.

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  2. yeah, she was doing some un-Simone like things at trials. Then the quals were not smooth. Then in teams she looked confused. Like a golfer who can't find their swing. Still, when you consider what she has delivered on before, you would think she could get back in and focus. They announced she won't do all around. Still possible for individual events next week.
  3. The amazing thing was, with all of those major errors (bad landings, etc.), she was still in first place going into the all-arounds. Like I said, she is the best gymnast I've ever seen and will likely be so for the next 4-12 years. I mean its remarkable how much better she is/was than everyone else.
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    To be honest I don’t have that much to report…she really only wanted to talk about the athletes who did (or will) compete. That probably told me everything I needed to know. Had a bit of animosity toward the US Gymnastics leadership. Said there’s no way that Team USA and her personal coaches didn’t know she wasn’t prepared to compete and that it had been spoken about for many weeks among the rather small community.

    EDIT: At the time we spoke this morning I guess it was known that she wouldn’t compete in the all around. My colleague did say that’s there’s no way Simone should be permitted to compete in the individual apparatus events. Pretty adamant about that and has already texted me tonight that apparently the girl that I thought had got sent back to the US is still in Tokyo.
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  5. Which fits with the things I was told by the Gym owner in Spring.
  6. I’m eating at the Saltgrass Steakhouse near my high school (Oak Ridge) right now and staying in a Marriott down by 45 and 99 that was absolutely nothing but a decent place to shoot squirrels when I was growing up here. Not looking forward to the trip into the Medical Center tomorrow AM. I can’t believe I made it 18 years (plus a couple of summers) in these parts.
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  7. My only thought...dumb but at least she wasn't kneeling.
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  8. This one got me. I’m dying.
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  9. Regan Smith trolling Simone Biles?

    "I knew that last 50 would be a really tough fight, and I tend to poop out,'' Smith said. "I just told myself, 'Not today.' I'm going to put my head down and push for Team USA.''
  10. not far from the spring creek parkway which runs along that scenic creek
  11. Women’s gymnastics results.

    Way to Go, Suni! All the pressure in the world, and she came through.
  12. Suni Lee says BOOM!
  13. New queen of gymnastics. And it can't be a spoiler ... Cause NBC ran with it on every outlet within minutes. Followed by every other outlet in the free world.
  14. I like her a lot and she'll only be 21 for the next Olympics. She's definitely the new face of American gymnastics
  15. I guess there’s no men’s soccer in the Olympics. Just saw a USA score but wasn’t in Tokyo. Seems odd.

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