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Olympics Thread

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when i read that they were going to have karate in the olympics i foolishly that it would be combat, but then i saw it and i am sure some on here practice and yes there is tremendous discipline, technique, etc...but i just don't get the appeal of someone going through drills on their own and then getting a score

That was the Kata or whatever they call that. They have real karate. Believe it ended tonight actually.


not sure where norway got a couple of these runners, but damn, the 400M hurdles was the race of the olympics for me and then the men's 1500 was impressive with the way the 20-year old just ran away from everyone down the last straight

us women rolled out a 4x400 relay that was as impressive a relay as the us has rolled out in quite some time. fastest time in the world in that event since 1993 and nice to see felix get her 11th medal. good job nike.