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NFL Combine Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MTfrog5, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. Am I the only one who LOVES the combine? Insessantly checking every detail to see how TCU guys compare to the field.
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  2. Interesting that here in OK the radio guys keep talking about how poorly all the OU OL bench press so poorly
  3. Lol Collier two inches shorter than GoFrogs

    Good numbers for Banogu assuming he kills it in the 40 and agility drills
  4. This one from yesterday definitely surprised; swear he was going to be 5’7”

    #NFLCombine measurement that so many have been waiting for.

    #Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray

    Height: 5-10 1/8
    Weight: 207
    Hand: 9 4/8
    Arm: 28 4/8
    Wingspan: 69 4/8
  5. Him bulking to 207 is the most impressive part. Folks swore up and down he'd only get to 185-190.

    If he runs like we think he can, he will vault up the boards.
  6. I'll stick by my prediction that he is going to be a below average NFL QB, if that. The bar was set so low in terms of what his size would be that when he measured a whopping sliver over 5'10" he might as well have been 6'4". He's still very very short and slight for an NFL QB.

    It appears he's going to be drafted high though. Good luck to that team.
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  7. You may be right, but he measured basically exactly what R Wilson is. Only an inch shorter but a little heavier than Wilson and his hands measured 9.5”.
  8. I am shocked that he measured 5' 10".
  9. It’s a shame that he won’t be throwing this weekend. There’s even been some reports that he’s not going to run either.
  10. I don't think there's anything that exemplifies how much this country loves football more than the insane amount of coverage (and demand for that coverage) of the NFL draft and all the things leading up to it. The idea that there are people all over the country constantly updating their Twitter timeline to see how big someone's hands are or how quickly they make it through the 3 cone drill is fairly absurd. But people eat this stuff up.
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  11. Heard his hands measure bigger than most the starters in the NFL
  12. Major draft nerd stuff here, but Wilson’s hands are quite a bit bigger and his arms are 31”, not 28.5”. How much that matters, I don’t know, but I think it does matter. Wilson is a short guy who otherwise has the stature of a much larger person. Murray is a shorter guy with the stature of a short guy.
  13. They aren’t. They are bigger than some QBs but still below average.
  14. I bet he’s around 195. He had ton of water weight I’d be willing to bet
  15. He’s going to lose the weight he added for the combine before he runs.
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  16. Yeah I figured he would either run or weigh a lot, but not both.

    I wonder what his diet has been like since losing to Bama.

    I don’t really know why arm length would matter for a QB. Not going to throw the ball any higher, maybe gives a little extra velocity.

    Hands are bigger than both Grier and Lock, and I didn’t check anyone else. Edit: just looked and same size as Haskins and bigger than Mayfield
  17. Easier to short arm a throw ?:rolleyes:
  18. Going to be all about the 40 and cone drills for Summers

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