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March Madness Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Casey8Ball, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. Only upset so far is the gophers taking down Louisville.

    Auburn squeeked a win out.

    Next few games look promising right now
  2. Auburn should have won easily. NMSU ends up coming furiously back and actually should have tied the game themselves. PG passed up wide open tying layup to pass to 3 pt shooter. Fouled. Promptly went 1-3 from FT line.
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  3. You’re only half way done with the story. Last FT goes out of bounds off Auburn. 1.1 left ad NMSU airballs a wide open 3 at the buzzer
  4. You are correct. Was a terrible 3 attempt. Super exciting finish though.
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  5. Pretty happy with the Minnesota win. Until you realize they get Michigan State next.
  6. Speaking of Mich State, 25/26 from the charity stripe today. One reason why they usually do well in the tournament
  7. My bracket busted with the Louisville loss. I'm guessing about 90% of them are.
  8. Abilene Christian getting sport scheissed. They have no business being in the NCAA tournament
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  9. Nevada getting ref scheissed.
  10. Meh. They went 5-24 from the 3 point line.

    7 seed loses to a team we beat. Fun.
  11. A bunch of very questionable calls from about the 5 minute mark to the 2 minute mark. Cause Flurida, SEC
  12. After watching some of these AQs, maybe it's time they stop giving out 32 spots to the Mid-North-South Little 6 Conferences.
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  13. Wofford making me nervous. Norm on The Ticket was really bullish on them and knowing how bad Norm is at betting horses, I kind of assumed that followed him in other sports too. 16-4 run, up by 9 in the first half.
  14. The AQs are part of what makes March great. Watching these teams win conference tourneys and celebrate the biggest moment of their athletic careers is awesome.

    And every now and then you get a UMBC...or programs like Gonzaga and Butler are born.

    I know it sucks watching teams get mud holed while TCU plays in the NIT but messing with the tourney would destroy one of the purest events in college sports.
  15. Made me laugh...literally
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  16. Bad timing on my part with the seediness coming to light the last few years.

    I blame AAU for what’s happened. Seeing the same thing now with these travel 7 on 7 teams now as well
  17. Couldn’t pick Baylor in my bracket to win. Ever. I’m afraid that might have been a mistake in round 1.
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  18. A dang threefest. I think Cuse pulls away the second half.

    Edit. Unless Mason has another career night like he had against us.
  19. Watching Wofford game and fight song at the end of the first half sounded almost exactly like ours...
  20. Didn’t Cohen come over to TCU from Wofford?

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