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Lupton Stadium Renovations

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by FWTFrog, Feb 26, 2021.

  1. With Oklahoma State opening their new stadium this week, I got to thinking about the current state of Lupton Stadium. Even though there have been renovations through the years, most noticeably the extension of the upper decks and the new player facilities, it is time to take a deep hard look into how the stadium experience can be improved.

    I know there have been talks of updating the erector set look of the façade, but there is so much more that needs to be done. First of all increase the seating capacity. Add bathrooms, so we don’t have to bring in port-a-potties for big series, and expand the concourse.

    I am curious if anyone has heard rumbling or chatter about what might actually be done to Lupton Stadium? And what does everyone else want in a new stadium?
  2. Needed, but not going to happen for a long time (3-5+ years). In planning stages but significant $$$.
  3. I would be all for expanding the concourse at Lupton. Went to the regional at Arkansas in 2019 and their stadium is really nice. You felt like you were in a real stadium when you walked around.

    As much as I love Lupton, it kind of gives off a nice high school stadium vibe. Especially after you've seen some other college baseball stadiums.
  4. When talking about a new stadium/massive renovations I wouldn't call 3-5 years a long time off.
  5. The beginning of. 3 bull case. 5+ more likely. It will be a significant capital campaign running concurrent against existing and unfulfilled campaigns (eg. East Side expansion).
  6. just look under the front seat of the tesla for spare change and a few gold bars to make this happen
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  7. I think they already have plans drawn up..... I had heard it was happening two years ago. Have not heard any updates about Lupton.
  8. I think it should have already been expanded by 75% to better accommodate 25% capacity limits. Or better yet...have 300% expanded.
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  9. We know that it was originally built when we were in the CUSA on a small budget. The stands need to be torn out and expanded. More seats, more concessions, and certainly more restrooms are a must.
  10. Would like to see seating extended down 1st base side.
  11. Whatever we do, I hope TCU learned their lesson from the football stadium on how not to do a lower bowl.
  12. At least not one with Moose’s Globe Life usher
  13. Project is on ice, from the latest I've heard. Donors aren't pushing for it, VBo wants to reorient the University's fundraising and building schedule for awhile. I'd guess 3 years to getting it restarted, 5 years till complete, is probably the very earliest.
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  14. The dang stadium isn't even 20 years old. I hate this trend.
  15. TCU Athletics should dump men's and women's swimming(never going to compete for a championship with either program or the facility), add softball, give softball to Lupton(for title 9 reasons), then fund raise like they did for the East side expansion for a new Lupton Stadium parked on the intermural fields and be done with it. TCU should look at what Miss State did then top it for a baseball stadium. The issue with current Lupton is bathrooms and concessions for the larger attendance games.
  16. I think it should be torn down and rebuilt with the field reversed or at least rotated to accommodate for the sun. I like when visiting other college towns and being able to actually see the front of the ballpark.
  17. Win a F’ing CWS and I bet we can get this time frame accelerated.
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  18. BTW. From what I’ve seen, the new OSU ballpark is beyond impressive.
  19. its ok
  20. Needs a roof, too damn hot in the summer and too damn cold in the early spring.
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