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Listenbee Lawsuit Update 3/19/2018

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froglaw, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. I don’t see how it’s possible for a coach to FORCE a 22 year old man to play hurt. If KL played hurt it was by his choice.
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  2. Attorneys arguing?

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  3. Facts drive damages, not formulas. Leg can't anticipate facts.
  4. i can - TCU and the coaching staff were in a position of power. KL alledges fhey wielded that power to coerce him to play quicker than his recovery called for.

    you could make the same argument about sexual harassment victims. it was their decision to give into the harassment.

    I’m glad we live in a country where people can’t have their day in court, especially the powerless against the powerful.

    like it or not, KL has a case and that case deserves to be heard.
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  5. I'm sure people hated the minister and the lawyers who pushed Brown v Board of Education.

    KL has an absolute right to bring this lawsuit.

    I truly believe in our system that allows U.S. Courts to examine life in this country and evolve our laws to protect our way of life even if the majority disagrees.
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  6. Welcome back Steel.

    All due respect, but BS. Set ranges for severity and egregiousness. A board could rule without having to give 25% to 35% to someone who’s job it is to drive up that percentage so he can make more money.
  7. We should have forced Doctson to play because he was ten times more valuable than KL
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  8. [​IMG]
  9. So for someone like myself who avoids courthouses/courtrooms, did anything go "TCU's way?" Or did the 12 TCU attorneys walk out tails tucked?
  10. In your utopia fantasy--one could make the same ranges for many things--for example, the amount of $ sepnt
    Nothing happened except the Judge, a TCU grad, asked for briefs on the proceedings to transfer the case to Tarrant County. If I was a betting man, she will rule against TCU/Big 12's motion to transfer venue and keep the case herself in Dallas County. She, for lack of better words, is one of the worst Judges in Dallas County and this is not good news.
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  11. Thank you. Are judges assigned cases, like next judge up? Or selected using specific criteria?
  12. Prediction: This case will be the nail in the coffin for Mcdonald Sanders + TCU.
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  13. They are assigned by the Clerk's office randomly
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    How can a TCU grad be the judge involving TCU? Seems like there could be personal interest in how she feels about TCU good or bad
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  15. I don’t like that there’s a TCU grad who is a horrible judge.
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  16. One would think Listenbee’s lawyer Might bring that up...although maybe he’s not bringing it up because she is as some have alluded to...?
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  17. Blatant extortion or simply a transparently contrived 'money grab'?
  18. is she elected or appointed?
  19. That's been the case with coaches and players with injuries since football began.
  20. That was the reason for my question. Seems like a conflict of interest either way. Maybe that Potts dude knows she's a disgruntled grad so he wanted her specifically.

    Not at all saying she is disgruntled, just hypothetically.

    I'd imagine there's some palm greasing in these processes of "random assigning of cases."

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