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Listenbee Lawsuit Update 3/19/2018

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froglaw, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. Like this?
  2. Oh yeah. Made me cringe. Maybe he should’ve focused more on his education while getting a scholarship at TCU instead of his swag and social media abilities.
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  3. Well, is it chicken or is it fish? The can says "Chicken of the Sea"....I'm confused....
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  5. The kid could be working on Wall Street.

    Running a business.

    Interning at an oil & gas company.

    Or go run track in Europe.

    Sad use of a $200k scholarship.
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  6. [​IMG]
  7. We could've used that down field accuracy last year!
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  8. Schleiss.
  9. Hearing in Dallas tomorrow at 2:00 on Listenbee v TCU et al.

    I have another hearing down the hall in Judge Hoffman's court.

    I'll try and listen in if time permits.

    Go Frogs!!!
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  10. He appears to be testing material for what is destined to be a very successful stand up career...
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  11. why does listenbee not listen?
  12. Because he isn’t a Bee. Listen-bee
  13. Shut it down now.
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  14. I keep meaning to put a blurb in my contract that any mention of this case on social media is grounds for withdrawal. Once had a relatively small case against some contractors that should have gone away easy but the client blasted them on Angies list, adding fuel to that fire. Case drug on a lot longer than needed.
  15. Billable hours...
  16. 4 years old but if you want more salmon joke material, enjoy the Brits explaining Scottish independence to the Non-Brits, good stuff.

  17. Was a contingency case that I only took on for a friend of a friend. There was only so much $ was going to be made on it but client was never happy. She wasn't paying out of pocket so she didn't care.

    The real lesson for me was staying "on process," business had steadily grown from 2009 until about mid 2013. When things slowed down I took on 3 or 4 absolute ulcer cases that were outside of my little area. While I learned some things I would have probably been better off waiting tables at Chilis while I rode out that storm. There's an established PI guy down the street from me that was more than willing to mentor me through that storm. The big picture takeaway that I got from it all was that most of the successful attorneys have set parameters that they are looking for, and if a case is just a little outside their comfort zone they send it away.
  18. And how many were asking, “who the hell are you.”
  19. interesting, the ncaa settled with debra hardin-ploetz in the wrongful death lawsuit of her husband greg ploetz. greg played on ut's 1969 national championship team and never played professional football.

    greg died in 2015 and i believe this is first of these type of lawsuits against the ncaa that actually reach trial stage.

    one other interesting point in the lawsuit was that it only named the ncaa and not the university of texas athletic department. not sure if you could name the estates of dkr, mike campbell, frank medina or jones ramsey (not sure if that was the ad at the time)


  20. Hopefully you were able to make it over the the hearing. Any updates?

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