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Let’s Talk 2018 OL...Our Presumed Weak Spot

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by FrogLifeYo, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Im the bored guy who likes to talk projected starters for the upcoming season. So let’s talk OL.

    First a question...Does TCU opt for its best 5 regardless of position? Why does it matter?

    Well I think that there’s a pretty good chance that both A. Meyers and the transfer McKinney are in our best 5 but both play the same position (LT). The same could be said of K. Hollins and W. Harris @ Center..(Purely gut on Wes)

    I suspect our best 5 to be ....
    Niang, Iwuagwu ( Both returning Starters )
    Meyers, McKinney, and Hollins,

    *The possible surprises are ...
    W. Harris, ?...Anybody care to add a surprise?

    Q. White, McMillon...Any of the True Freshman?
    -Can’t see a true Freshman seeing the field unless we have a ton of injuries.

    * The Known (these have all been depth players up until this year) Do any of these vets make the starting lineup and is that because they improved or we’re hurting?
    Bolisiomi, McDermott-Vai (some have starting at a guard spot), Elliot, Gaynor, Guyton...

    Back to my original question..
    *Any chance that if McKinney and Meyers both are in our best 5 that we move one (Likely Meyers) inside to a Guard Spot?..

    *What do we know about the progress of W. Harris and Q, White? I see both as having the kind of upside potential to actually make us a better line than last year. ( Assuming they both progressed as expected in their RS year)

    Anyone have some insider knowledge of the Young OL players?
  2. I think we can rotate 10 olineman with no drop in talent run blocking. Pass blocking our second unit would give up some pressures or sacks.
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    I think your question really centers around is ct the type of o-line coach who believes the positions are fairly interchangeable and you put the five best lineman on the field or you train set certain players for certain positions

    based on last year's flipping niang and Pryor inside at times I would guess the first

    now who are those 5 won't be decided until pads because line play is fake in shorts
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  4. Assuming your right...The question is do we have drop off from last year? I like to see us actually improve our line play as I see it as the essential to us taking the “playoff step”. I know on paper we drop but I think we have a higher talent level than a few years ago
  5. We couldn’t even rotate 7 last year without a drop off, so this is a pretty bold comment.
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  6. A friend heard thru a ga that our OL has a long ways to go but that Thomsen is doing a great job of bringing them along faster than what used to occur..
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  7. I said run blocking for second unit not both. Our line Coach is the real deal. With our running backs mobile qb we will be balanced if not run heavy. Agree with last year, but this year we have great raw talent and more size for run Blocking. What I don’t know is if our tight ends are good at blocking? Anyone know about TE’s?
  8. True but in fairness If some of the young guys take the step forward it could be true...10 might be a stretch though
  9. Banking on Niang and Myers at OT
    Iguagwu and Elliott or Harris at OG
    Hollins at C

    Just have no clue how good Myers, Harris and Hollins are. They haven't really seen any meaningful playing time.
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  10. No McKinney huh...I know we haven’t had a great track record with transfers but I’m hoping he’s an exception
  11. Relish these posts OL players...only time your name gets mentioned without being predeced by a screwup.
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  12. To me, this sounds solid. Probably where we are in reality. We need this unit to gel by the Texas game - cannot, must not, lose this one. Let's get thru fall practice without any injuries to this unit and get a lot of reps. vs Southern and SMU. Ohio State, with their much herald defensive line is going to be a tough one for us but need to get their heads back right for Texas.
  13. I hope we are run heavy. With Sewo and Anderson, we should be, but Cumbie is going to air it out which may be good also to keep them off balance. We are going to be better than the pundits think. I have us in the Championship Game, so let's see.
  14. curious why you think cumbie will air it out when last year with a senior quarterback and some experienced receivers frogs ran it 530 times and threw it 430 times.
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  15. Thanks for stats. Thought we were more balanced than that or really reversed on those stats. Maybe the thought of Meach. is still lingering with me.
  16. Mainly afraid of throwing a pick off.
  17. You know GP will want to continue to emphasize the run. I sure he and Cumbie has many conversations about it last off season. Remember 2016 was a Nightmare if 3 and outs that left the defense gassed all the time.

    Early in the season I expect us to run the ball to keep the pressure off our young QB. In addition I think it’s a great way to prepare a young offense for conference play.
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  18. Any insight into why we never do a two-back set (Sewo and Anderson) ever? Oklahoma did that with Mixon/Perrine with great success. You could hand off to either or 1 could run a quick route while the other blocks.
  19. The bright side is the d-line they’ll be practicing against might be the best they’ll face all year, so at least it sets them up for some great prep work leading up to the season.
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  20. I’d bet you’ll see that this year especially with SR under center. Might be a very different offense this year.

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