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Learning to play the hand life deals you

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. on this I have a lot to learn but I’m trying.just wish I could get my left hand back
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  2. Life, hell. There's a higher power at work here.

    From the Book of Emmentaler:

    He brought me out into the open; He rescued me because He delighted in me. Cheesus has rewarded me according to my righteousness; He has repaid me according to the cleanness of my hands. For I have kept the ways of Cheesus and have not wickedly departed from the Almighty Gouda.…

    And of course,...:

    When you're chewing life's gristle,
    Don't grumble,
    Give a whistle
    And this'll help things turn out for the best.

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  3. If the left hand has become useless, you could always become one of the early customers for Premation. Proof of concept.

    Might even be some money in it for you. Promotional tour, etc.
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  4. If it’s enough money on my consider it
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  5. For some odd reason I’m going to say I really move out when that guy for some odd reason I’m going to say I really move out when that one today

  6. P
  7. Well dammit Wes, your video game days are gone.
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  8. I can’t imagine a fate worse than losing my “strange” hand.

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  9. Meant only to cheer you up:

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  10. Great movie
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  11. Sadly
  12. Not sure about the other posts, but I hope you feel better and get well soon.
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    So Wes, do you think there is some celestial higher being out there thats managing all this? If so I’m trying to figure out why kids get cancer and etc. that was his plan for those kids and you ? Because that plan is horrible.
  14. No need for a left hand to drink a yoohoo and eat Buckey Nuggets!

    Just sayin.
  15. I always associate Yoohoo with champions.

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  16. Not to derail Wes' thread, but this mentality misses a couple of enormous elements of Christian theology that frequently gets overlooked.

    First of all, God's plan was perfection and did not include sin, disease, or death. His creation was complete without sin, disease, or death. When sin entered the world through man so did death and things that can cause it. The good news is that Christ overcame death.

    Next, we are eternal beings and that is also God's plan. He's given us free will to screw up earth and our lives in it, but that doesn't mean when we kill people or do hateful things to others it was part of God's plan. Moreover, our lives on earth aren't even a blip on the radar in eternity. It's easy for us to forget that and lose sight of eternity because our years on earth are all we know with first-hand experience, but any suffering here on earth, no matter how excruciating, will be totally forgotten in Heaven or become our greatest memory in Hell.

    I pray that God brings His peace that passes all understanding to Wes and his family at this time. I also pray for comfort and no more pain. I actually also pray for healing. But if God doesn't make each prayer come true it doesn't mean he didn't hear or answer those prayers.
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  17. I agree with a lot of the things you said. Many peoples’ free will leads to their injuries and etc. But how does free will and choice have anything to do with children getting cancer and etc? It has nothing to with free will. They’re innocent. Please explain
  18. Wes, I don’t know why you don’t have steelfrog on ignore—what a beating.

    I haven’t been a poster on this board very long because I thought I might spend way too much time posting, but I have been reading this forum daily for over a decade. I feel like I know everyone on here personally. I was saddened by Scott’s passing and now your illness. I’m slightly older than you with two open-heart surgeries and a pacemaker but that pales in comparison with what you are going through. I understand Hemingway’s perspective and sentiments but I also know that God is all good and all merciful even when it doesn’t make sense to us. I was just praying this morning and contemplating the vast difference in God’s perspective and ours for this very reason. Friends just lost a 22 year old sweet and godly daughter to a helicopter crash—a helicopter crash for goodness sake! After walking with God for 35 years I still don’t understand, other than to say this life is but an eye-blink in time compared to eternity and there is little difference in 3 years or 100 years here. Those in Christ Jesus have the hope of eternity without the suffering. That is my certain hope and I hope it is yours. Nevertheless, I am still praying that God grants you many more years with us without that blasted tumor!
  19. I'm no theologian so I may not give you enough substance to answer your questions here, but I never meant to imply that free will and choice had anything to do directly with kids getting cancer. I never meant to imply that a kid's choice or a kid's parents' choices cause them to get cancer. I suppose it's possible, but I don't think so. That certainly wasn't my intent.

    But until we truly know what causes cancer we'll never know whether or not this is true. I mean, if extreme exposure to sun, chemicals in the foods we eat and medications we take, radiation from electronic devices, etc. cause cancer then our choices to expose ourselves and our children (born and unborn) to them could very well be a direct link between free will and childhood cancer. But all of that totally misses my point.

    I only introduced free will into the discussion to illustrate that the bad things that happen here on earth are of humankind's doing at Satan's behest and not God's. God did not create sin on earth; Satan and Eve did. Ever since that moment we've struggled to find and live in communion with God. That is until Christ's sacrifice for us. Now our faith in Him is our key to accepting His grace and mercy. It's an acknowledgement that we cannot do this life on earth without Him and we especially can't do eternal life with Him without Him.

    But none of that has anything to do with disease. God's creation existed without disease until the original sin. Like sin, I believe disease was brought to earth by Satan. Just because God allows something to happen doesn't mean He makes it happen or planned for it to happen. He foreknew that it would happen, but that's different than making it happen. Job's story in the Bible is maybe the best example of this.

    Cancer is a heinous thing. It took my mom in the first few weeks of my sophomore year at TCU so I know first-hand the kinds of gruesome things the cancer and combative treatments can do to the human body. But blaming God is assigning blame in the wrong place. He didn't create it, didn't put it into our bodies, and didn't take pleasure in observing the suffering it caused. Satan did, though, and I have no doubt he'd like you to believe God did.
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