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KFF Football Saturday Five Pick 'em

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by jugbandxmas, Sep 20, 2020.

  1. Cocaine
  2. Judging by her garb, I was thinking some New and Improved Ebola!

  3. Is it wrong of me to root against Memphis getting the two point conversion since it lessens the chance of OT?

    EDIT: I have Memphis as the dog and the 3.5. But I only take dogs so no real surprise there.
  4. UCF showing a lot of class. /s
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  5. I was glad UCF missed that FG. If I don’t win, they don’t win!
  6. I missed it, but I hears they were fighting their kicker?!
  7. Yep. Created a very rare situation when Mrs Pharm yells at a television. And I’m not sure she even knew who was playing but it really pissed her off.
  8. Kicker was upset for sure and it appears another player comes up and says something to him and sets him off.
  9. Jug, you missed a few for October 17th on the running total
  10. A few points or a few folk?
  11. people. Don't know how many but you missed me
  12. wait, are you also Joggin Frog?
  13. Wait, I saw what I did. Fixed.
  14. Thank you, sir. I take this seriously!
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  15. I was feeling pretty good about the Dawg Dog at halftime at Bama. Sigh....
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  16. Damm, was out of town, forgot to play for 10/17.
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