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KFF Football Saturday Five Pick 'em

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by jugbandxmas, Sep 20, 2020.

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    Bowl Pick ' Em
    **First game Dec 26**

    Year Totals Link:

    I like picking games for a parlay bet I make. No big bet, just something to keep me interested in a game, but not just who wins or who loses, but the spread. For example, I picked UNT +14 against SMU, and was more invested in that game than I have ever been in a game. I read on the forum that some folks were just bleh this past Saturday, and I figure a little competition among KFFers wouldn't be so bad. No money. Just pride, and MAYBE we can convince the Mods to add a little logo to the player with the most correct picks for the season.

    I will pick 5 games a week and use the following rationale:
    1) The games must be spaced out (morning, afternoon, evening), so we have games to watch all day.
    2) Must be on a network everyone can see.
    3) No TCU games.
    4) Try to pick Big 12 games when they seem interesting (for example, Baylor v Kansas...barf!)

    Here are the 5 games I am thinking for this first week of the challenge:

    Florida at Ole Miss
    West Virginia at Oklahoma State
    Texas at Texas Tech
    Alabama at Missouri
    Florida State at Miami

    On Friday, I'll send out a Google form with the final lines and all picks must be in by 10:55 AM on Saturday.
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  2. Excellent!
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  4. Picking with the spread. You can pick K State for example, and they lose, but if they lose by 10, you get a point, but if they lose by 30, then you get nothing. On the contrary, OKlahoma needs to win by 29 in order for you to get a point. If they win by 15, you get nothing.
  5. Done. Thanks Jug. It appears that your talents extend beyond emptying the rectum and filling toilet bowl.
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  6. In, and thanks Jug!
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  7. Filling my belly is a pre-requisite talent.
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  8. The winning answers have been submitted. DONE.
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  9. Thanks for your confidence in me, DD!
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  10. Thanks for putting this together
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  11. Done. I am filled with optimism! Or coffee. Maybe donuts...
  12. I had a Duck Donuts donut the other day. It was awesome. Nothing fancy, just a regular ol’ glazed.
  13. I picked up a bunch on Sunday to surprise my lovely bride. I went to the drive thru at the only donut joint in town, and the girl came to the window in 1.) An N-95 mask, 2.) Face shield, and 3.) Two layered gloves on each hand.

    I am wondering just what goes into their filled donuts...
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  14. Eek. That is a bit excessive.
  15. Deadline is 11 am tomorrow.

    Best of luck to y’all.

    No mail-in votes!
  16. Done. I have a system.
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