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Kenny Hill back on campus

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by ifrog, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. What a class act. Robinson will benefit from this!
  2. Awesome. Maybe now people will appreciate him for his efforts and accomplishments.
  3. Wish they would tell us the majors of each player on the roster. I always found it interesting to see what these kids are studying.
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  4. Yay!!!...so we get ANOTHER year of iFrog whipping everyone's a** with Kenny Hill posts. Let me guess - EVERYTHING good that TCU will do this year, will in part be directly linked to Kenny being a part of the coaching team?? (I thought we were free - Kill me)
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  5. [​IMG]
  6. To be fair, ifrog had plenty reason to make those posts. People were ridiculously hateful of Kenny Hill.
  7. Who the hell is Joe? Its a good thing when former players come back to campus to mentor the current players. That’s what makes the TCU family special. I’m pumped for football season!
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  8. I wouldn’t worry about him. He only has 18 trophy points. For reals.
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  9. Applaud Hill's decision to complete his degree. Wise move. Any wisdom that he may be able to impart to our incoming QBs

    will be most appreciated.
  10. And Kenny played very good football last year. When you look at some stats, and compare them to some previous qbs, it is eye opening.
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  11. Whereas you have 114. Above and beyond!
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  12. A. Glad he is completing his degree.
    B. Glad he is back on campus.
    C. Glad he is student coaching. He is a calming influence on younger players. And He and SR have a very good relationship. KH has been through so much that his experience can only be a positive.
  13. Also, in case you missed it, Michael Downing is on staff as a coach now too. Glad for him, given all the crap he was given when he played.
  14. It’s commonly known fact that a person’s worth in this life is measured in trophy points.
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  15. Only thing I remember is a fumble recovery on a kickoff in the Alamo bowl. Nothing else matters.
  16. I like that move. Kid has moxie.
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  17. and the percentage of battery life on their I-phone.
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  18. Goes without saying.
  19. How the hell does he have 114? The max is 113. I’m so jealous I can’t think straight.
  20. Prayers, bud.
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