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Kenny Hill back on campus

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by ifrog, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. so with downing we have that he has moxie and he maximized his potential, but with kenny the debate continues to rage about whether he was a detriment to this program or a solid quarterback.

    always interesting how players are remembered after their careers. casey for example in 2011 had some games in which he posted big numbers and yet the team seemed to struggle at times. i also think was is forgotten about the boise game is that while he threw for a ton of yards and the three long scores early the td at the end was an underthrown ball the brandon carter had to go up over the defensive back. series before casey had made the same type of throw that was intercepted by boise.
  2. Folks who want to scream about interceptions, etc., may want to compare some stats. A qb's rhythm tends to come after they have a full year playing the system. Especially with an offense like we run. Or, you can just compare senior years. For Kenny, they are one in the same.

    NOTE: Before anybody gets offended one way or the other, interceptions are an almost acceptable factor with our type of offense (to a point).

    Kenny had a 67.3 completion rate his last year. 8 interceptions.
    Boykin was 64.8 with 10 interceptions. Boykin played in 2 fewer games. But he also had more td's. (But we went to the run at more key times KH's last year.)

    Kenny was very good at reading defenses. Boykin was not afraid to throw it into too tight of coverage.

    All in all, they had great senior years. Some of their interceptions were the result of some play calling.

    Kenny also had a great comeback in the Alamo Bowl. He also has some life lesson experiences, which SR even mentioned mattered last year. Kenny worked to be a good mentor SR last year. SR has worked to be a good student of the game and give his all.

    Now for the soap box:
    I never want to see us become like Ohio State (win at all costs). I never want to see us accept just barely winning seasons, because we want the student athlete to achieve and develop.
    And the big winning seasons, should come from the development, that includes on the field, and more importantly, off the field.
    Kenny did that, and SR, or whoever takes the snaps, very likely will too.

    Coach P and staff (and student coaches and grad assistants) have their duty to guide those players through that. We sports fanatics, who want to see great seasons, have the duty to support that effort and recognize that these young athletes are doing great things, regardless of the scoreboard. In fact, we should recognize that in athletes at other schools.
  3. Survey says....ShowGirls.
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  4. Good for Kenny, always great to see a player make sure they get their degree and/or come back to their alma mater.

    Also, not at all surprised it was ifrog whom posted this...
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  5. There are a handful of anti-KH peoples here, but I think I speak for most when I say I like Kenny Hill and think he will be a positive force in this role.
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  6. Perhaps but you could say the same thing about tiger woods who has been bad for a decade. His confidence was eradicated when he came back. Bad OCs and a very poor OL didn't help. Boykin and Pachal both did not look good that year.
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  7. Well stated, MP, well stated.
  8. Even a broke watch is right every now and then. lol
  9. Mainly happy to see him completing his degree, but I think he’ll also have a lot to teach our QBs. It’s nice that our inexperienced but insanely talented young guys will have a great role model who’s matured a lot and overcome adversity to look up to.
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  10. Shawn Robinson will get the credit as he should for leadership, TD throws, etc... as the Quarterback for TCU. The coaches or assistant coaches will not. Others on this board will TRY to make you think otherwise! Give SR his due and credit. Go Frogs!
  11. Casey 4 heisman
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  12. Did you wear your “Q” shirt today?
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    Well if I had not posted it, Top would have. Don’t read it in too much. Im not trolling, it was a legit post.

    By the way, Robinson is my guy so any of the posters that want to hate on the starting QB should expect the same from me this season. I am a TCU fan. Some of you think that it was all about Hill. I have been posting ont this board long before Hill was QB. I just don’t like TCU fans hating on our own players .
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  15. [​IMG]

    It's not hate, if he truly did cost us games... But I also, would like to thank him for the wins last year. He grew up, but he still made my pucker when he threw the ball.

  16. If you pucker up for an 11 win season, I don’t know what else to say.
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  17. The attention Briles is at again.
    Hating on the Killerfrog members, stating NOW he is a SR supporter. Setting himself up to trash talk each and all of you. HATER. Go Frogs!
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  18. Fair enough, but you hated on our WRs plenty last year.
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  20. Ifrog
    Rod Dog
    Go Frogs!
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