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Kenny Hill back on campus

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by ifrog, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. ifrog can be a beating with how pro-KH he is, and this is coming from a KH supporter, but you, Horny4TCU, Joe1000 and a few others were very anti-KH all season. After finishing in the top 10, with 11 wins, being #6 in the country in completion percentage (and setting a school record), being top 10 in 3rd down conversion percentage, etc... it's probably time to stop giving people ship for talking-up his Senior season.

    I think everyone agrees that our future is brighter than it's ever been at the QB position, but KH was our best option last year and he led us to a fantastic season. No need to give people ship for celebrating that. I'm very glad he's on staff this season... that's nothing but positive.
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    I guess if you tell a lie enough people believe it. ifrog stated I am a HATER and you obviously believe it! Not true. I gave him grief for giving myself and others grief about the slightest obvious criticism of KH. A fumble or thrown interception. The worst I've said about KH is that he is not the best TCU quarterback we have had. That is true. He had a good season last year.
    My point going forward is now he is setting other Killerfrogs members up for more grief because now hes claiming hes a Shawn Robinson fan. I am too and the season has not started.
    IF I or others were to state and point out an obvious error on SR part this coming season I would be proclaimed loud and proud by ifrog that I am a hater. If you want to be gullible enough to believe that, then its on you. I will not be intimidated or ashamed from posting what I think about any TCU quarterback, good or bad.
    Go Frogs!
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  4. Green Day is my Krap-tonite
    They are mostly Dookie.
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  5. Wow this thread turned into an arsewhip
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  6. FIFY
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  7. Except for one, which some members inexplicably hate. It’s like they hate having fun.
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    Lol you guys are hilarious . I’m not going away so if you don’t like my opinion just block me. And I’m also a Rogers fan so chill out PPO. I don’t mind the critism from posters on here for being a Hill fan - he was a polarizing figure last year for some reason. But you sir have an unhealthy obsession with me. I’m living rent free. Let it go.
  9. I have also hated on Ohio State apologists.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Never compare a true Frog Fan to Rodfag.
  12. How the hell did I miss this fun until now.
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  13. 55 yards on a dime. Perfect pass.
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  14. That was gorgeous. But - and I say this as someone who supported Hill - he hadn't had much luck with the deep ball all season, and when I saw him heave that one at that point in the game, my heart sank. About 1.5 seconds later everything was sunshine and puppies, but up until the moment Reagor caught it I would have bet heavily it wouldn't connect.
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  15. sitting in the second deck of the alamo dome you could see that play open up beautifully.
  16. His interceptions were always at momentum swinging moments and they were usually passes he shouldn't have been making. There were so many times he should have just kept the ball and scrambled or throw it out of bounds. No body is perfect, but 2016 was a beating watching him play and that taste lingered in my mouth for 2017. I was pleasantly surprised with 2017, but he nearly gave me heart attacks with his throws.
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  17. He was really really solid in 2017... outside of Iowa State game. Basically lost that game himself. Cumbie also lost his mind
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  18. And you are correct, but forgetting the first a half of the Alamo Bowl. He was pretty good in 2017.

    But like I said, 2016 lingered in my mind.

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