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Kansas won’t be a cakewalk

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by robbroyy, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. Once Gary decides to put me in at QB then I'll be worried. Fans being worried about taking opponents seriously is as silly as the players worrying about something at my job being taken seriously.

    But who knows, maybe my lack of worry last week is why we fumbled three times. Max saw that ole CountryFrog had no respect for SMU and decided he'd just play Fortnite all week instead of preparing for the game.
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  2. I get it. But if you don't think fans being less than enthusiastic about a game and taking a game for granted doesn't seep into a player's mindset during the week, I think you're crazy. Players are human, they aren't robots. We hear it every time we play like crap against an FCS team....well, they weren't really up for the game but once a good team comes in here they'll be more focused and ready to play.

    Coaches telling a team they better be ready is one thing, I imagine they do it every week for every opponent. But if I'm a player and I'm walking around campus all week hearing that the game coming up is a foregone conclusion because the opponent sucks and isn't worthy, then chances are I'm not going to be as ready to play as I should be.
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  3. Well lucky for the team I'm not walking around campus telling people how much Kansas sucks, so crisis averted.
  4. My favorite post of September
  5. It is even more odd given his comments about Kansas a couple of weeks ago. Which is why I am guessing maybe it was sarcasm.
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  6. Rock bottom, losing to Kansas back to back years as well as losing to SMU and Kansas in back to back weeks. That would be hard to recover from as a program.
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  7. Opened at TCU -20 and immediately drops to -16.5
  8. Sorry, I'll try to have more respect for the ACC as well for being an incredibly strong football conference. It's just a murderers row week after week for Clemson.

    There's some sarcasm for you. Hopefully no Clemson players are reading this or they will probably lose their next ACC game as a result.
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    Big Head and Rat Poison by Nick Saban. We have some players that would fall into this category.

    The trend over the past 15 games need to change. Throw out our 2 non conf. gimmies and look what we have - a middling 500 ball club. How did we, and especially me, after last year, get so hyped up again?
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  10. I seriously doubt that what was being said around campus or on social media had any effect on the players.
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  11. Well, we can find out real quick - ask Gladney & Gaines our 2 premier secondary players, why they forgot to show up?
  12. +4
  13. Because some girl at the Bluu told them not to worry about SMU?
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  14. We lost to Kansas last year by a point in one of the most inept efforts. I don’t know if we win another game this year the way we played Saturday.
  15. And, again, you use another conference to dodge the Kansas issue. If you are gonna troll, actually try and stay on point.
  16. I know that win over Purdue had fans sitting around me excited. During the SMU game they couldn't understand how TCU was losing to SMU after dominating Purdue.

    Well maybe because SMU would have throttled Purdue with the Boilermakers backup freshman QB starting.
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  17. We'll be fine once we catch fire. Its just a question of when.
  18. YIKES!
  19. I'm not sure Ku is better than last year. This game will be a major data point one way or the other. I expect Frogs to roll even though Les hasn't forgotten how to coach. Remember, EMAW Gary has natural hate for J'hawks. Losing twice to them would be unbearable. And I also believe your SMU loss will prove to not be a bad one when all is said and done even though it does sorta cancel-out that sweet win at Purdue.
  20. The Kansas issue? I don't even know what you're talking about.
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