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Kansas won’t be a cakewalk

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by robbroyy, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. They come in No. 15 in the country in yards per play at 6.8. The frogs are 82nd at 5.1. SMU is 28th at 6.3.

    They haven’t converted a lot in the red zone for TDs 8/13) and have 8 turnovers. 4 INTs and 4 fumbles.

    we all remember that RB Pooka from last year. If our guys don’t come to play they can easily get beat for the 2nd year in a row
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    Frankly, I think Kansas should fear playing TCU on Saturday. No doubt in my mind TCU will be ready to play after all the blowup over the SMU loss. Kansas should just be happy it is an 11:00am start. If I was a player I would be taking my anger out on Kansas. The game may go something like this:

  3. If history tells us anything it is we play our great football after losing to SMU. I am sure it looked pretty bleak in 2011 and we turned it around completely.
  4. Frankly there are no cakewalks, let alone guaranteed wins the rest of the way.
  5. Successful teams always have this mentality regardless if they lost to an underrated rival.
  6. Can we just pin a thread titled “We better come to play this weekend” at the top of page 1? We aren’t good enough to consider anyone a cakewalk. It goes without saying.
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  7. I said this over a week ago.
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  8. At least we're not playing Coastal Carolina
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  9. Until we develop some semblance of a passing game, there will be no more cakewalks the rest of the way. Except maybe for a couple of our opponents.
  10. 15 yards. Excessive cruelty...
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  11. Beating Purdue like we did may have got the team overconfident.
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  12. All I know is that Kansas is much improved. The players better be ready. I hope GP is treating this game seriously. If we come in with our heads up our arse then we could get beat. They're going to come in fired up so we need to match that. This will not be an easy game. Les Miles knows how to eat grass.
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  13. scheiss CountryFrog
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  14. Where are all the knuckleheads that were telling us last week not to worry about SMU? Right now we're in a mess and it all needs to get sorted out soon. First, we need a QB who can throw, then we need to have good play calling, and third, our defense needs to resurface.
    You folks can start saying we don't need to worry after we put together quite a few impressive wins first.
  15. How much good did all that worrying do you last week?
  16. One of them is right here. And I’m still not worried about SMU. That game showed me that we should be more worried about TCU.
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  17. This is odd coming from you. SMU is better than Kansas and all last week you were saying how it was almost silly for a fan to be concerned about the SMU game.
  18. From the looks of it, I don't think our team was all that worried. Probably were hearing all week around campus that SMU sucked and shouldn't be taken seriously.
  19. Prolong success will be fleeting....until certain critical key elements on this team are properly addressed and corrected.
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  20. How humiliating can it be to lose to Kansas two tears in a row? Do not sleep on Kansas....
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