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Kansas won’t be a cakewalk

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by robbroyy, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. I'm not an inside alum but I do know a person who gets very reliable info. from the inside and he says that Sonny is gone after this season of his own accord.

    To me, this is not worrying for worrying sake, because Offensive CO is important. GP needs to decide what type of offensive he wants to run and then go and hire a CO who can and will implement it. If Sonny does in fact leave, this hire would be huge IMO. I believe GP is drifting toward a Riley type of offense less the Heisman quarterbacks, which in my mind is similar to the former Baylor offense when you know who was there.
  2. That offense you speak of was almost entirely dependent on going up-tempo. When they slowed down, they weren't effective. I don't see it. If we switch, I would guess it would be to more of a run-based spread with more roll outs and single-read type stuff than what we are seeing now. The dropping back in the pocket scanning the field and finding open receivers philosophy, it seems to be a big challenge in finding QBs who can execute it.
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  3. GP has not said it that I am aware of, but I believe he would prefer a Briles type offense and Riley's is similar. GP, being the HC, should have the type of Offensive CO that he wants. When Meach/Sonny were hired, he wanted points anyway we could get them but now, when Reagor/Barber combine for 2 yds. out of the Air raid, it's time to move on. Our concept of the Air raid is broke, and I don't think GP is interested in fixing it beginning in Spring ball.
  4. Meanwhile, we are 124th in pass efficiency, ahead of UNLV, South Alabama, UTSA, Ga Southern, Wyoming, and Northwestern. Air Raid, baby!


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