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Just spent a week in Fort Worth

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Travis Trucks, Jun 1, 2020.

  1. Back before the crazies took over and when a short surfboard was 7 feet. Dana Point used to be a great point break surfing spot before they built marina. Hobie Alter (Hobie Surfboards and Hobie Cat builder) lived down the way. Poche Beach was right below the cliff and We could walk to surf there. My dad was transferred to Houston and the Gulf was was quite a shock with only decent waves in winter and water in the summer so warm a special wax ( purple by the way) had to be invented to keep it from melting. Found many Texans (my mother was from Schulenburg) were like Californians before that nuts took over (although visiting my grandparent’s farm was a bit of a culture shock as Frank’s Restaurant still had black and white restrooms and water fountains into the mid 60s, something I had never seen).

    I guess that was tmi. OMRS (old man reminiscing syndrome).
  2. I grew up in California and it used to be pretty great place. But other than the LA area, Bay area And much of the very northern part, California can be pretty conservative (Orange County, San Diego with large military presence, the San Joaquin Valley and pretty much anywhere 50 miles inland). Californians and Texans can both be some of the most provincial “my place is better than yours” places in the country. One of the biggest things you hear in California is God’s Country. My dad used to say it all the time and drove my Texan mother to roll her eyes (yes I’m of mixed blood). Just as Texans look down their noses at Lubbock, Waco and Laredo, Californians are no different as that look down their noses at Bakersfield, Modesto, Stockton or Fresno.

    I’m guessing, and have no proof of it, but if you send your kid to TCU from California, their families probably are not your typical Palosiests...
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  4. Probably because they’re here to get away from the Communists
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  5. Yea, I heard before the harbor was built there was a heck of a break there. But then I wouldn't have had anywhere to keep my boat and take girls to. :D
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  6. Gotta put it somewhere, that break isn’t coming back Any time soon...
  7. The one in Fort Worth was still closed

    Good place. I drove the entire length of Route 66 when I moved to California from Kentucky. Oatman(wild donkeys) and Kingman were two of my favorite stops

    I live in San Diego and while the weather is good most of the time, honestly I miss the variety. It's the same every day... no storms, no snow, nothing. There was a thunderstorm that came in when I was in Houston last week and it was the first lightning/thunder I have seen/heard in 18 months.
  8. San Diego is where I live, and I hate it. But to each his own. My salary could easily buy a nice house in Arizona or Nevada or Texas, but I'll never buy a house here. $800k would get me a dump here. $800k could get me a mansion in Arizona or Nevada. Plus its so crowded and congested here. When I was in Texas last week it really struck me how wide open everything is. I felt like I had space.
  9. Are you really LVH?
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  10. How's Kenny?
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  11. We're good friends and old roommates in college and in Las Vegas for a bit back in 2012. I go up and visit him/Las Vegas about once a month but I haven't since February.

    I was supposed to move to Las Vegas temporarily during this COVID crisis because I am not able to return to work in person until January at the earliest, and my company has a location there. My apartment lease was up and I refused to renew it and continue to pay ridiculous San Diego rent when I don't have to actually live here. I can be locked in an apartment all day anywhere in the US, why do it in one of the most expensive cities in the country.

    Anyway, I got the OK from my boss and my boss's boss(VP of the company) to move but HR vetoed it for whatever reason. My boss and HR are still battling that out but I had to renew my lease for 3 more months so if I do get the OK from HR to temporarily move it won't be until August at the earliest.

    It's stupid because I am a corporate employee(my company is based in Cincinnati and I report to people in Cincinnati) but I am just based here since I am the regional director. My region includes Arizona, Nevada, California, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma and Wisconsin - I have no idea why I still have to be in California of all places. One of my employees is living at home right now in Monterrey(6 hours north of here) and no one seems to care. Yet they tell me I "have to live in San Diego"
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  12. I was just screwing with you.
  13. I just spent 5 minutes trying to google the word "palosiest" thinking "man, that Hoosierfrog knows some cool words" and feeling inferior for not knowing what it meant. Then I just realized you can't spell "Pelosi".
  14. Thanks.

    Thought he was referencing another new diet trend.
  15. Educate yourself!
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    Well, it was the 1970s-early 1980s migration of northerners who turned Texas solidly Republican....Those northern states were voting hard-core Republican as a left-over from the Civil War-Reconstruction years (just like Texas and the south voted solidly Democratic in that same era)....They brought the Republican voting tradition with them at a time when the Democratic party was moving away from courting the South for votes....I'm jus' sayin' that granddad's voting history very often is perpetuated by later generations....Lotta northerners may be moving here because there are jobs (or used to be before March) and not because of the political climate....And, yeah, I do know you referred to Californians...which, if they're outside of Texas, are "northerners," LOL....
  17. There are jobs (or were) because of the political climate.
  18. I don’t spend much time worrying about the proper spelling of her name, I’m glad you got the gist and hope you won’t deduct too much from my grade...
  19. Again, I stayed away from the COVID thread for a reason because I typically stay out of politics. Why are you calling me out? Because you don’t agree with me?

    I respect all of you on here concerning TCU football, but the mods let you run free with your political “opinions” and it is overflowing to other threads.

    Flame on hall monitor I didn’t give a scheiss
  20. Slow clap
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