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Just spent a week in Fort Worth

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Travis Trucks, Jun 1, 2020.

  1. Did not realize a large majority of TCU students are from California. That’s simultaneously interesting and wrong.
  2. Used to coach mock trial teams at a yearly competition in San Diego in October (quick aside, Dan Diego has approximately 237 law schools). Always stayed an extra day and rented a convertible to drive up the coast. Loved the San Clemente/Dana Point area. Saw a couple TCU games with the SoCal Frog Club at some golf course in San Juan Capistrano. Just a great area.
  3. when we went to Rose Bowl stayed a night at a low key ocean front hotel called Pacific Edge in Laguna Beach. The waves crashed into the hotel in the morning. Great area out there.
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  4. Native Texan, home base in TX whole life. In fact, 817 phone whole life approaching 50 rapidly.
    Bought a get out of heat and our short winter and by beach second home in San Diego last year.
    I love Texas and will forever be a Texan. But Heaven is San Diego. Will be there every Jan-Feb and Jul-Aug gladly.
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  5. There’s a great public beach there.
  6. Majority no. But a very high percentage, maybe 15-20. I have a rising senior at TCU. Will not opine if that is good or bad, but the TCU I attended ‘88-‘92 is nothing like the TCU of today. Some vastly to the positive, but I worry That the TCU of today would not have been the place it was for me.
  7. Yes outside of Texas it’s a large majority. It’s been trending that way since we won the Rose Bowl. Educate yourself
  8. Also interesting and similarly untrue (at least according to the TCU Office of Institutional Data). But thanks for the suggestion to educate myself. You sure do get testy when you’re wrong. Probably used to it.
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    I do get testy on occasion. Who doesn’t? But I don’t care what you think. You seem to think you are smarter than most on here. I’ll call you out and don’t give two [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]s what you think of me.

    When it comes to TCU sports I’ll be fine engaging with you and everyone else on this forum in good fun.. But don’t be so condescending.
  10. Smarter than some...perhaps. As for the ability to do simple math and familiarity with the definition of the word “majority“...would appear smarter than one.
  11. Congrats - you are smarter than one. Pat yourself on the back. Probably best to block me if you don’t like to be called out when it comes to your political beliefs.
  12. Not a chance. You are far too amusing to block.
  13. I sure hope they leave their politics behind...
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and fok baylor!!
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  14. ifrog throwing down some bizarre flexes.
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  15. Well, we all have our stories


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  16. It’s called opinions mr hall monitor.
  17. Didn't realize Kenny H was from California.

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  18. Plenty of folks are socially liberal but fiscally conservative and as such don’t have much of a political “home”. Haters gonna make some valid points sometimes.
  19. No, those weren't "opinions". Maybe that's just another word you don't understand, like "majority".
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