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Just spent a week in Fort Worth

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Travis Trucks, Jun 1, 2020.

  1. I live in California. Went to Texas to visit and I got to get my haircut, went to several restaurants, got to go to stores without having to wear a mask or have people shame me for not wearing a mask, went to a water park, went to Top Golf in The Colony, went to a gun range,

    Then I had to go back to California. Back to being treated like a prisoner all while having the "privilege" of living here while paying out the ass in taxes, gas and housing to do so. It's amazing paying a 10% tax rate and $2500 for a one bedroom apartment just to sit inside of it all day long. And I can't even go into a gun store around here and walk out with a gun to defend myself with on the same day. I have to drive up to Nevada or over to Arizona for that.

    Consider yourselves blessed if you live in Texas. Can't wait to move back one day.
  2. Sorry you had to go back to Commiefornia

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  3. That trip has a KenPom rating of 100!
  4. only question is why go to top golf in the colony when there is one in fort worth?
  5. One of my employees is on vacation down at South Padre. She said that she’s never seen the beaches as crowded down there that wasn’t associated with Spring Break. She said every other person she has met is from NY, NJ, MN, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan...that many of them have lost their jobs or in some cases both of their jobs...and almost all are planning on moving to some part of Texas or have no intention of even going back north. She said that she can’t say much because she moved here from Pennsylvania 20+ years ago.
  6. Because of the curfew?
  7. This.
    As long as they vote Republican its great, but if they come here and vote Democrat then what's the point? If they bring their political affiliation with them Texas will eventually be as where they left from.
  8. However California weather can't be beat. Well unless you live in Death Valley.
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  9. san diego yes, froze my ass off one week in san francisco and this was in august
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    If you're ever through Kingman, look up Bank St Guns. Great owner, Ben, and one of the larger inventories of guns in Arizona. And a nice seven lane indoor range. Lots of cool used guns.

  11. Mark Twain said the coldest winter he ever spent was one summer in San Francisco. Even south of LA growing up in San Clemente you’d get that foggy marine layer and those sunny beaches were pretty chilly and gloomy.
  12. You grew up in San Clemente? Cool. I spent a few years living in Dana Point, working in Irvine and loved the beach in SC.
  13. A-freaking-men.

    Blows my mind how people can flee their hell hole cities / states to come to Texas and then somehow have the ignorance to vote for the same kind of BS that made them want to leave their state in the first place.
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  14. Commie? Most of you don’t want California people here although most of our students are from California. Making exceptions as you call them commies? Typical. I guess this thread will stay up until others dispute your “commie” comments ?
  15. com'n man

  16. Why? Because I’m one of the few that doesn’t agree with the mob mentality on these threads? You are a good poster but your political BS doesn’t help your cause. We are all TCU fans because we have our degree, work here or we are t shirt fans . This site has turned into one big political cesspool .
  17. It was a scheissing joke. Besides, you ever lived there?

    And that was a joke.
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  18. We have a large majority of students from California. I know some of you hate that but they read these forums.

    Flame on.
  19. Then they should toughen up. People in CA throw shade on TX all the time. Big deal.
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  20. Texas is great and Laredo is a hell hole. Waco is a hell hole. Lubbock isn’t hell but is so close to hell that it could be annexed at any moment. Not sure what your point is.

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