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If fall sports are cancelled, I don't see a way back for years.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Aug 10, 2020.

  1. But if we can save just one life...
  2. Good point. I retract everything I said.
  3. Sorry, you are correct. If football does NOT come back, many other sports will be canceled, or at least severely diminished.
    I misread what you said.
  4. Splattering bloody stool
  5. So take a known financial loss, cancelling the season, over the fear of loss from lawsuits if we play? Absurd.
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  6. There is no way this decision is based on the chance that someone may file a lawsuit because they might have been infected at a sporting event or by someone who attended. That hypothetical exists every flu season where millions of people attend sporting events.
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  7. Personally good with Pro football in the Fall and NCAA football in the Spring. That's 8-9 months of football.
  8. Just how many lawsuits are filed over bad food served at Stadiums? Yeesh...

    Mrs. Brewingfrog and I watched an Aussie Rules game (match?) last evening. Good fun. Geelong Cats were unstoppable. Strange that they could play in Oz, and yet somehow it would be too dangerous here.
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  9. I think a lot of this may be because the loss of ticket sales makes it a money loser even with the TV money.

    The colleges won’t admit this because they want to continue to pretend to be a “non profit”
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  10. Steel feels that if fall sports including football are cancelled it could lead to severe diarrhea, weight loss, elevated creatinine levels, kidney function interruption and sepsis possibly death.
  11. Wisconsin has already come out and said they will lose a ton of money even with TV money
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  12. You want our guys playing 24-26 games next calendar year?
  13. I'd think they'd lose a lot more without it. There are no good options here as long as the mindset remains the status quo.
  14. Well obviously
  15. Hmmmmmmmmm.
  16. That Cahil guy looks like he's never played sports ... or been a man.
  17. What exactly are they expecting will change by the Spring semester? By all accounts the earliest we’ll see the vaccine trials end will be January, possibly February, and even if we fast track its production I doubt we’ll see large amounts of vaccinations until end of March or April. And that’s if everything goes perfectly.
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  18. They are not expecting to see anything. They don't expect to play in the Spring. That was just a statement to squash some of the blowback ... which won't work.
    Some school presidents will lose jobs over this. Like many in that position, they forget that they are there at the behest of the power brokers/money makers that allowed them to weasel their way up the ladder. Sure, they have a trustee or 4 telling them they are covered. Until the blow back gets big and the power brokers, who got rich from knowing when to get out of the storm, seek shelter and leave the bowtie poindexters out in the rain.
  19. We will likely have an anti-viral by then, to add to remdesevir and our other treatments, which for younger folks is helpful at tamping down symptoms should they have them. But will we be in a position to vaccinate all college football team/staff/etc. by January? No. I'd guess the earliest young people/gen pop will get a shot is Q2.
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  20. Every time a positive case occurs they want to shut everything down.
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