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If fall sports are cancelled, I don't see a way back for years.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Aug 10, 2020.

  1. Yes but absolutely no cream or sugar. This means you Brewman.
  2. I respectfully disagree with your premise.

    First of all, there are 7 different vaccines at the phase-3 stage of testing. Astra-Zenica has already indicated that by October, they will have 100 million vials that, if the government approves, will be immediately available for use. So, there will definitely be a vaccine ready for next football season in 2021, even if it is not "100%" (because nothing is 100%, except the certainty that Steelfrog is a moron).

    Second, the universities would never give up a cash cow such as college football. In fact, they would not survive without it. As such, I see no way that football is not back next season, along with all of the other sports.

    Third, public demand will be outrageous if no football occurs next year. This would cause an even greater shortfall of money, as donations would surely be diminished.
  3. Let's be clear. This is more than just football. Voting to cancel the season will have lasting effect on the entire university. #not1redcent
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  5. Intolerable cruelty...
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  6. It literally saves hundreds of thousands of senior citizen lives every year, but OK!
  7. If we don't play football this fall there will be massive numbers of the "other sports" that never come back.
  8. Just about every other sport is dependent on football for funding, so...
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  9. I disagree.
  10. Agree.

    My whole post was really just a way for me to get in the water gun joke.
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  11. The only thing you can reasonably disagree on with that is whether or not it will be a "massive" number. Because it will absolutely be a number. What constitutes massive is obviously totally subjective.
  12. You morphed into Brevity Frog so slowly, I hardly noticed...
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  13. So isn’t today the day of decisions?
  14. And the low testosterone soy supreme loser who posted that tweet is all knowing about playing college sports
  15. Just repeating what I've had coaches from multiple schools tell me directly.
  16. I wouldn't spend much time worried about what Teddy Cahill has to say.
  17. Judging how many of these morons have performed over the years, random names from the phone book could probably do a better job...
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  18. Not only the entire university, but also the entire surrounding community, especially in more rural college towns. Hotels, retail, and other small business owners will experience devastating effects. Not to mention there are a lot of people whose living depends on the existence of college football.
  19. Very true. Lots of businesses in Morgantown and towns like that which are almost 100% dependent on the college football season each year to make a profit.
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