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If fall sports are cancelled, I don't see a way back for years.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Aug 10, 2020.

  1. Quick note before I begin: This won't devolve into a political post. Anyone that tries to derail this with rehashing political points already well documented in The Pit will get a short vacation. The point of this thread isn't to place blame at the feet of government officials or point fingers at political parties.


    Now that the twitter-vine is hyping the "news" that fall sports are on the cusp of being cancelled due to "Covid concerns" I'm left thinking we're not going to see college sports return for years to come. I don't see how administrations who are concerned with a single case of infection can allow sports to return under any circumstance in the future. Even after a vaccine for COVID is available and if it wildly exceeds the efficacy of all other respiratory vaccines currently on the market, it still won't be 100% effective against the virus. In fact, I'd be surprised given the mutation rate of this virus if we see a vaccine that is even 50% effective. So, how can these administrators allow sports to return under those circumstances given the current reasoning? What scenario using the current concerns over liability would ever be considered safe for the players and staff?

    I believe this is the line, right now, and we're about to cross it and destroy hundreds of thousands of young lives forever.
  3. It is inexpressibly sad that we are literally left to relying on the strength and moral courage of a bunch of spineless twits dressed up as College Administrators.

    The kids want to play. Like us, they want things back to normal. The restoration of College Football is a tremendous step in that direction, and it is terrible that here, at the last hour, it may all be taken away and destroyed forever.
  4. This is a great point. I think you are really on to something here. Yes, college sports are gone for years. We should except this and consider new interests like basket weaving, or professional ping pong. It will be hard to break the news to high school athletes that there dreams are over. I am So sad.
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  5. Conference and College Administrators have had since March to come up with a comprehensive plan to pull off this college football season. They failed. Bottom line.
  6. Boy, you people have no idea what's going on do you?

    The movement to collectivize college sports is using COVID to try to leverage their position and the schools are saying No. This isn't about COVID as much as the Haves trying to keep the Have-Nots under their thumb. It's a story as old as the Bible. Or whatever.
  7. But, having said that -- you are possibly right that this could be a battle that lasts for years and hastens the changes that are already coming to the University model
  8. looking for that union retainer, are ya?
  9. I agree TxFrog1999.

    The repercussions will be irreversible. This all seems so mind numbingly short sighted and moronic.
  10. Looks like they want to play.
  11. Those cleats though...
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  12. Let's get real about that union effort. When it was discovered that the steel union guys (hmmm) were behind the Northwestern effort and they would not release the actual vote, some things got exposed.

    The players want to play.
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  13. yet he makes more sense than the very well paid college admins, who are likely getting an ear's worth and then some from those who really pay the bills right now.
  14. Colleges right now

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  15. COVID is being used in all kinds of ways that has nothing to do with COVID.

    The realization of how valuable a tool COVID is started the exact time everyone was so obedient and receptive to shutdowns and mandates.
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  16. The Union horse has left the barn, legally speaking, per the NLRB. However, that is not the only way to collectivize. This is being driven more by the rights payments than anything.

    Steel surmised when the rights thing came out that there will be some sort of solution like they use in the movie and maybe better, music industries to monetize the players' piece of the pie.
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