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How-To Report Bad Ads/Redirects

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. Reload every 10 seconds on iPhone
  2. Can’t barely get a post out or read - - goodbye KFC
  3. Try the Brave browser. No redirects in 2 weeks using it.
  4. Whats the brave browser?
  5. Ok got Brave - thanks!
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  6. It's like Chrome or Safari except it's designed to be more secure and blocks all ads and trackers.

    The guy who created Mozilla Firefox and later was forced to resign bc he donated to the California Prop 8 campaign to define marriage created Brave and it's a terrific browser.
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  7. Thanks - Just got it and seems great! Thanks for the tip. I like Foxfire - Mozilla needed to get out of Cali and land of the snowflakes
  8. OK what did you do? Now I can no longer see Tweets in posts. It says I have to disable my Adblocker. With all the trouble this site is having, there's no dang way I'm disabling the Adblocker.
    Really pisses me off that I can't see Tweets anymore.
  9. Try Brave. I still see tweeters and don't need an ad blocker.
  10. Sorry for the tirade. Now I can see them again. I love Kf.c, but I hate computers!
  11. Had one last night on iPhone using Safari browser.
  12. And another one just now.
  13. What is with the redirects?
  14. Getting one to Amazon everytime I try to look at the 2019 recruiting thread. Most I can just back out of, but that one resets the browser and won't allow me back.
  15. Terribad. Chrome Samsung s9. Fake Amazon. Can barely post this.... Keeps redirecting
  16. Brave. Still no redirects.
  17. I’m really getting tired of having to report this. It’s not hard. Please fix it.

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