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How-To Report Bad Ads/Redirects

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. Me 2.
  2. Same, except Amazon. Third day in a row.
  3. “Amazon” ad redirects galore here. In fact, I got one when I came to this thread. Honestly, it’s annoying to pay for access to a site and have to deal with this. It is absolutely destroying the user experience. Frankly, after what seems to be years of issues, I think it may be time for you to terminate your relationship with your current advertising partner and move on to a company that respects your users and your business.
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  4. Amazon like crazy on iPhone today. Cannot open anything - surprised I can type this right now.
  5. The Forum is booby trapped today.
  6. Switched back to regular mode a couple days ago and just got a redirect.
  7. Redirects are back
    iPhone 6S
    Safari browser
    Free amazon gift card offered
    Just now at Schlotskys on Bryant Irvon @ 20
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  8. Curious. Do you get on public wifi? I don't due to their lack of security. Just wondering if that's a vulnerability to Kf.c.
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  9. Honestly don’t know, I use Safari, maybe I’m a data leech & didn’t know. Which means I might have a heckuva interweb bill coming soon.
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  11. Re directs returned again today to my iPhone. ☹️
  12. Aaand they're back. Going back to default mode again.
  13. Been getting redirects across the site for about 3 days now. Not sure what’s up and it relocates to a different thing each time. Last one gave me a phishing warning.
  14. Back to default mode
  15. Got these three bad boys tonight. I'm back to default, too.

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  16. More redirects.

    Win an amazon gift card.

    An absolute beating. No other site that I visit does this.
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  17. I put this in the other redirect thread, but I recently switched to the Brave browser on mobile and it has an ad blocker that sonfar has been excellent even without default mode. Highly recommend it. It's created by the same guy who started Mozilla and designed for better security and less tracking of data. It's waaaaay faster than Chrome or any other browser I've used bc it doesn't try to load all the garbage.

  18. Constantly reloading on iPhone every 20 second -
  19. Constant reloading on iPhone every 15 seconds

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