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How-To Report Bad Ads/Redirects

Discussion in 'Killer Frogs Support Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Sep 29, 2016.

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    [EDIT October 18, 2017]

    First, Fill out the following form:


    Next, send an email [sean at this website dot com] or PM me directly with the following information, if available:

    1. Device you were using (phone, desktop, tablet)
    2. If possible the type of device (Android/iOS) or Operating System (Windows/Mac)
    3. Browser you were using (Chrome, IE, Safari, Firefox, etc)
    4. Where you redirected to—if applicable (either a description like "App Store" or copy and paste the link from your browser's window)
    I can then submit this to our ad workgroup and get a direct answer.

    Furthermore, please be aware that it might not be one of our ads that caused the redirect, if your browser has any infected cookies still stored in it's memory it can be triggered by any type of media that calls the cookie. This means it could be anything from an image, video, or even a tweet with embedded media that triggered the redirect. If you get a redirect while using the site the best course is to close the window and clear your cookies then come back and surf the site again. If you get another redirect then it's on our end and we'll definitely need to know.
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  2. I reported 2 redirects today. One on iPhone about 4 hrs ago and one on an android this morning around 8ish. I copied and pasted the bad URL into the description box and after I reported it everything has been great on both devices.

    I ran into these redirects yesterday as well, but decided to use the report form today after it happened again. Thanks for what you do to keep the site running well.
  3. I just saw an ad for SMU season tickets
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  4. Can't login using safari on iOS 10. It lets me type in the login info, then loads with me still not logged in.

    Works in chrome but I prefer to use safari.

    Edit: upgraded phone, works fine now.
  5. My webroot anti-virus is sending me alerts everytime I click on the Baylortears thread.
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  6. Redirects for me are getting worse. Frequently getting sent over to some Time Warner Cable Survey or some page that claims I'm locked out (which I have the completely shut down my browser to get it to go away because it does lock up my browser).
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  7. http://www.mellowsurvey.com/?sid=isp.opt.3a6x&ow=us.ao96ho9gbr467d49.nojs.c&isp=Att%20Internet%20Services&browser=Chrome&os=Windows&region=Texas&city=Dallas&ip=
  8. I get Mississippi State Ad and haven't ever looked up Mississippi State anything so it can't be just an ad that comes up because of my search history.
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  9. Google Chrome urgent updates are epidemic - and I do report them here, and directly to Google. It's not helping.
  10. Getting a lot of redirects today on mobile
  11. ^^^^^^^^ once again
  12. I've switched to viewing KFC on Edge. No popup in the last two weeks.

  13. Started getting a lot of redirects on my iPad. First time ever.
  14. I can't even see anything on the site today in my iPhone - Congratulations- your phone is the big winner. I've logged in ten times and can't read one string. Surprised I've been able to post this!
  15. Redirects on nearly every thread this morning for me. It's that $1,000 gift card from Walmart.
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  16. gift card redirects all over the place.
  17. Same for me. Site is borderline unusable for me right now.
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  18. I have won a $1000 Amazon gift card about 5 times in last 24 hours.
  19. Same $1000 gift card here about 20 times on both iPhone and iPad for last 2 days. 1 google virus detector as well.

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