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How Many SR Host Will Lose?


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FSU’s right fielder just hit his third homer home give Noles a 10-8 lead in top of 12th. He has 2 other hits plus a walk and 6 RBIs.
Edit: FSU advances.
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Pretty much rooting against SEC teams this year. Overall, Evansville is the team I want to win it all. Not sure they will get past Tenn though in game 3.
Evansville would be a great story. I'm actually rooting for Oregon State just because they're about to pretty much be orphans whenever their run ends.

Although as long as UConn lost I'm happy. It's bad enough having to live here but the fans are Aggie lite.


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Schloss was a ball of fire for that interview. Obviously the Braden Montgomery injury is a kick in the nuts but that was a weird interview.

Wonder how he feels saying Gig em at the end. Barf


There's been some crazy scores these last 2 days. Today four teams scored 6 or more runs and LOST! In 7of the 8 games today, the winning team scored at least 10 runs. That's wild.