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How Many SR Host Will Lose?


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1. Tenn no vs Evansville✅
2. Ken no vs Org St✅
3. A&M no vs Oregon✅
4 UNC no. Vs West Virginia✅
6 Clemson yes vs Florida✅
7. Georgia yes vs NCSU???? Mon✅
8. FSU no. Vs UConn✅
12 Virginia no vs KSU (Real tempted to make this upset special)✅

Fire away!!!
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hometown frog

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I think just due to law of probabilities, one of the top 4 seeds will fall this weekend. Based upon how they were playing coming into the regionals weekend, I tend to think the Aggies are at the most risk for trying to lay an egg.


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Georgia and Kentucky are the only ones playing against teams that were higher than 3 seeds (both play #1 seeds). Very unusual year.

As good as Kentucky has been I give OSU a chance against them. I think UVA has a chance to go down as well, but I don't really believe in KState either...


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By the way I went to Omaha last year with my then 21 year old daughter and I'm going this year with my 25 year old son.

Last year was a different vibe because we were focused on the Frogs and my daughter isn't a big drinker. It will be more of a party vibe this time.

For those who have also been, what experiences/venues do you recommend? Stayed last year at the Embassy Suites near Old Market (which fortuitously was the Frogs' hotel). We went to the team tailgate, had dinner at J Gilbert's and lunch at Twisted Fork (and a REALLY good sandwich at Pickleman's shop).

Other restaurant suggestions, or suggestions of things to do? Might sit out at the Blatt Beer and Table and go to Rocco's for a jello shot...


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I know many feel we should have gotten in over KSU; however they have played well when they needed to.

I certainly would rather watch KSU and WVU play and advance than our SEC ex’s OU or UT. Just glad they both lost.


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Evansville roars back from an 0-4 deficit to grab an 8-5 lead in the bottom of the sixth at Knoxville.

Meanwhile NC State gets 11 in the top of the 2nd and leads UGA 12-0 top 4.

FSU and UConn are 7-7 in the bottom of the 8th.

Edit: 2 run homer makes it 10-5 Evansville. Go Aces!
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