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Houston Chronicle: Texas, Oklahoma reach out to SEC about joining conference

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Jul 21, 2021.

  1. I don't see it happening. The only thing we have going for us is being in a Top 5 media market and recruiting hotbed. That is our trump card over Baylor. I think the ACC adds West Virginia to get to 15 and will push hard to get Notre Dame permanent. If not they could try to expand into Texas and maybe we would be an option. UCF would be an option as well but the ACC already has the Florida market. ACC's problem is they don't really have any obvious options outside of West Virginia. Cincinnati might be a pick that makes sense.

    I see the Pac 12 staying put. I don't think they expand just to expand. They would have to go against their academic/Christian school principles to add any Big 12 leftovers. The Pac 12 missed the boat with Texas/OU. They aren't going to add the Texas Tech and Oklahoma States of the world. I think its more likely the Pac 12 takes a gamble with flagship MWC schools with a high upside like UNR/UNLV(not both) and UNM.
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  2. is this a joke? They are by far the last pick in the conference barring Baylor’s ethical issues

    KSU has worst academics, facilities, and program combo of big 12

    also a traveling nightmare for the west coast teams (Pullman and Oregon state are also terrible)
  3. I like the glass half full but a very real expectation is the P5s all go to 16 and we are left to the G5. We could be competitive but we won’t play big games anymore. All the P5 schools will play each other, whether in conference or out. Recruiting drops because there are now 64 schools at P5 status at the top of the pecking order. Gets harder to keep up in the NIL game. That is a very bleak outlook but something worth fearing and pushing our leaders to avoid that.
  4. that escalated so quickly
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  5. if we succeed, it’s because of Boschini

    If we fail, it’s because of Donati
  6. Donati better be first out the door.
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  7. We’d be negotiating out of a weakened position. It would seem more likely that, as odd as it sounds, that the PAC has a stronger position now, and could pick over the bigger scraps left of this dying corpse.
  8. So we had the funds for all these programs back in the MWC days but suddenly if we go back to MWC we just start cutting teams left and right?
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  9. How they are bundled and, ultimately, consumed are completely different.

  10. I had no clue about Rutgers enrollment, but google did. Good night I would’ve guessed under 10,000. That’s insane. How are they so bad at football?
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    If all Power 5 (4) go to 16 (which is what I expect) that is 64. We are not getting left out over any group of 5 school and we are ahead of KSU and ISU in terms of media market and facilities in the current Big 12.

    Edit: There’s 65 if you count ND. I guess the ball is in their court. I still like our chances over KSU or ISU.
  12. Most probably ... but if you invite 4-8 P12 schools anyway.... then threaten/bluff you're going with something like BYU/SMU/ Houston/Memphis as an option ... then they wouldn't get the 1st 2 time zones for 1/2(or more) of their league games.
  13. I think the super teams may join together and leave the rest out.
  14. Texas can't beat TCU so they want to play Bama instead. Ok...
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  15. Add Kansas to that list.

    Big 10 has no interest in the Jayhawks, especially with possible hoops probation & football black hole. KU would fit better in either ACC or PAC 16.

    I wonder if someone can sell a KU/TCU combo?
  16. We would have to cut some programs to save others or settle for irrelevance in all.

    Look at what we pay coaches compared to what we paid them 10 years ago. Then take $30 M of the budget away. The math is simple.
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  17. If the B1G continues to limit membership to AAU schools, KU is one of their few paths to 16. They DGAF about on field success. They invited Rutgers. KC isn’t a huge market but it’s better than Omaha.
  18. AAC here we come. No faith TCU lands in a power conference when dust settles. On bright side TCU and SMU are reunited in AAC.
  19. Their academics are ranked better than Tech, OSU, and WVU. Their faculties are on par with Iowa State and WVU and KU. Arguably better than KU. Not sure their program combo is markedly worse than Tech or WVU or ISU. Travel is just as bad as OSU and ISU and WVU.

    I wouldn’t ignore the possibility of old big 8 teams looking out for each other and trying to move en masse to the PAC with CU. There’s a path that leaves TCU and BU in the cold.
  20. We are not getting invited to any P5 conference.
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