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Houston Chronicle: Texas, Oklahoma reach out to SEC about joining conference

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Jul 21, 2021.

  1. So….Texas is back?
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  2. How much value is left in the Big 12 if Texas and Oklahoma leave? Can we backfill with 2 or 4 schools?
  3. Texas barely breaks .500 in the B12, I’m guessing they are gonna tear it up in the SEC.

    Here were wondering if we could steal ASU and AZ. Time for GP to see if Kyle Whittingham might put in a good word for us…
  4. None. No.
  5. Its Pac or bust. Tough day for TCU.
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  6. It was fun while it lasted.
    I don't have much faith in Donati landing TCU on its feet.
  7. At least the +4 and opposing fan issue in our stadium will disappear
  8. add TCU & who?
  9. I am not as optimistic about our chances to land in a power conference when all is said and done. Especially when Baylor has just won a national championship in basketball which I think puts them above us in the pecking order.

    Kansas has a powerful enough basketball brand to get scooped up by the Big 10. West Virginia should find its way to the ACC if the ACC wants to counter the SEC expansion.

    Iowa State's problem is they add nothing to the Big 10. They already have the Iowa market locked down.

    Texas Tech and Oklahoma State are wildcards. I don't see the Pac 12 being eager to add them because they are not strong academically. The Pac 12 would gladly take them as a package deal with OU/UT, but not by themselves. And they are not strong geographic fits for the ACC.

    Guess we might as well get familiar with the AAC since that is the heavy favorite for our program when the dust settles. As a betting man I'd say the AAC will merge the 6 Big 12 leftovers with the top schools there. The problem with AAC is each school can make a case for itself. Who are the odd teams out? I could see Tulane being left out and go back to CUSA. Navy would go back to being independent. Merge the 10 remaining AAC teams with the 6 Big 12 leftovers and you have a 16 team conference. It sucks and has no "main event" teams. For all intents and purpsoes it would be a G5 super league.
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  10. What you said is basically my greatest fear. TCU needs to do whatever it can to get into a power five conference.
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  11. I agree with most of this and will add that Oklahoma State has had its' flirts, privately, with a few conferences over the past couple of yrs. (One of my first bosses was the late Boone himself. Shared a lot of gems when he was still around.) @Gary's Shirtless Revenge may disagree with me but the Big 12 has been largely a marriage of convenience for the past couple of yrs.
  12. Maybe I am a glass half full person but Frogs will be fine either way. If the playoff expands to 12 teams then wherever we land we have a chance if there are 6 auto conference bids. We were set to run the Big East before the Big 12 offer. Maybe we run the new Big 12 or AAC. Maybe we end up in the Pac 12, ACC or Big Ten. Maybe none of this happens and the Big 12 stays put. Who knows but we survived before and we will again.
  13. Stanford could drop down to DIII like ivy peers - it’s been a discussion for a few years and NIL could push them over the edge

    they cut a handful of athletic programs during Covid and had a weird revival of the wrestling program
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    The PAC-12, Big 10 and ACC aren’t just going to sit around and let the SEC make the only move and the Big 12 left overs are pretty much their best choices. TCU, BU, TT and OSU in the Pac-12 in a division with AZ, ASU, CU and Utah and the old Pac 8 on the other side. Who else are they to going choose…BYU has the religion issue and Boise doesn’t offer much TV market wise.
  15. This is so naive. If we fall out of the Power conferences, TCU Athletics can’t make payroll if we go from $40 M / yr in TV $ to $7 M. That isn’t the whole story as it ignores how much revenue falls when we play Wyoming instead of OU. The sky isn’t falling yet, but it could. Got to come to terms with that.

    Mass layoffs and pay cuts, entire programs scrapped. That’s the financial reality. Competitiveness plummets. See SMU for context.
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    Why not the remaining members invite 4-8 P12 schools to the B12, which is in the time zone they truly need for 1/2 their league games, which could double
    triple or quadruple their existing TV exposure nation wide...
  17. ironically, the Big 12 without Texas or OU isn’t much different than current form ACC

    a hot ISU / OKST / TCU could hang with Clemson

    rest of conference would clobber ACC head to head
  18. K-State is going to be competing for that “last spot” in a 16-team Pac.
  19. Double post
  20. They’ll be competing with ISU KU for a Big 10 spot too. Being in the DFW market helps us tremendously.

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