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Hate to say it,

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. We are a lousy offensive football team. Lots of weapons but we can't seem to find a way to get the ball to them.

    Scheme?? Coaching?
  2. Well, the line can't block, we have no running game, the QB can't throw, the receivers can't catch, and we can't hold on to the ball. Other than that we're ok.
  3. Michael Collins must truly suck at QB
  4. Cumbie is a great recruiter and that’s about it.
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  5. 3.8 yards per carry

    Terrible offensive line and our QB running for his life every play

    Its coaching. QB has nothing to do with it. With the way we run the ball and the way we block why do people think Collibs would be any better?

    Its coaching
  6. I can’t decide if we are poorly coached or if we have bad/inexperienced players

    Probably not a good sign, either way
  7. We are a poorly coached dumpster fire.

    4th and 1 with two time-outs, on the halfway line and down by three. There is no excuse for running anything but a straight-ahead carry except a bad snap. Sonny Cumbie must be high on something.

    It is my contention that Cumbie, Meacham and the Air Raid are what I feared all along but that Boykin and Doctson's insane talent kept this from being immediately apparent.

    Fire Cumbie and find some kind of Dan Mullen starter kit to run (and I do mean run) an offense dedicated to clock control and not shooting itself in the foot. If we had those two things we'd be 4-1 right now. instead we are garbage and will finish 4-8. Hooray.
  8. Is it just me or do we only seem to run the same 10 plays (albeit with different alignments at times).

    But I feel our play book is 8 to 10 plays deep.

    And that's just one of a myriad of problems.
  9. We are what 1995 thought we were.
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  10. One of the worst games in the GP era. If he doesn’t get involved in the offense, maybe he should. It can’t be any worse. Damn, I hate saying that.
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  11. This post is stupid. Why even waste the time?
  12. I think it all starts with a mediocre/bad OL.

    That and the ridiculous turnovers

    And I think that all starts with just an immature offense. And when I say immature, I don’t even mean inexperienced. I mean immature. I watched our OL pop up and make the first down sign after getting 2 yards on a 3rd & 1 when we are down 3-0 to Texas Ph*cking Tech in the 2nd quarter.
  13. -Cumbie has yet to adjust that all his quick horizontal stretch stuff doesn’t work without the vertical stretch Doctson and Listenbee gave you. Sure Reagor is dynamic but they can just cheat safety his way without fearing much.

    -Unfortunately it looks like Robinson isn’t all that different from Jerrod Heard. He genuinely seems like a great kid but he just doesn’t see the game like a QB should.

    -Every position player not named Reagor or Turpin presses every play because they don’t know how long they’re gonna be out there before they’re subbed out again...and then go back in for a play...and then subbed out again...and so on and so forth. There’s a rhythm to playing RB or WR and whatever genius insists on rotating how they do has no grasp of that. It’s maddening.

    -As for the OL...they just aren’t very good right now. Don’t know if it’s inexperience, talent, coaching or some combination of all of that. But they look subpar.

    -And lastly...the offense has a split personality. The air raid hurry up of their OC and the slow down so my defense can rest and play conservative HC.
  14. Big problem when your stud QB recruiter has no feel for calling an offense.
  15. If your QB is sucking and can't hold on to the ball in critical situations you put in the back up just to see if he can provide a spark. That might lite a fire in Robinsons arse. What would it hurt? He couldn't do any worse than Robinson has done and he might hold on to the ball better but, we'll never know because the coaches don't have the balls to put him in!
  16. Good thing we got Kenny Hill coaching up SR. He looks like a spooked cat. Don’t hear much about the brilliance that Kenny is bringing to our QB situation rt now
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  17. As you know its both but to some degree its the perimeters installed by Gary. Tonight both sides of the ball were out coached. No passion tonight and darn little against Iowa State. I shudder to think the final score with VT, and OU.
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  18. When talent can’t execute with any sort of consistency there really is only one group that should get the blame...Coaches

    There is one side of the ball that executes with precision and discipline that just so happens to be the one side of the ball GP coaches.

    Special Teams and Offense are honestly unbelievable inept.
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  19. It is time for Patterson to act like a head coach and not a glorified Defensive Coordinator.
  20. I agree, but GP can’t be let off the hook. He is the HC and this wasn’t just a one game deal. SR has been terribly inaccurate and a turnover machine for 4 games now.

    If GP is just blowing smoke about how good Collins has been, he needs to own it.

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