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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?


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I went yesterday to see the Venus and Serena Williams movie with Will Smith as their father.
I figured it would be just okay. I ended up liking it quite a bit more than I thought I would. I am only a modest fan of tennis in general, so I had never heard anything about how the Williams sisters came up in the system.
Overall, a pretty good movie. Just in case anyone was considering seeing it, I think most would enjoy it.

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Here wait... You don't even have to get off your horse. Slingin that rope hurt ya?
no, that was the fun part. working the pens was some movement I have not done in a while. I stretched quite a bit, so it helped.
but no amount of stretching improves times. father time is undefeated once again.

edit: I had a lot of fun though. was nice to get on a well trained horse and just go out and get after it. arena was real nice. had wind screens that pull down and block the wind.
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Wow. Awesome.
I was at a mall up in the twin cities area (St Paul) early 1990s when that show first made the leap from home video to PBS. Was familiar with it because I had worked a way too early internship at a local Texas tv station and our boss knew the guy who went all in to get PBS to pick it up. I think it was '92 or something when they opened on network. The home video was out before that. (Think they shot it in the DFW area.)

I go up to see family and am at a mall in the Roseville Maplewood area about late 93. That show was getting pretty popular and they were pimping the heck out of it.

I'm in a store picking up a Twins cap and a Puckett jersey. near the main court they start some goofy music and I go out and see a person walking with some poor soul in the cheapest looking Barney costume to see some kids.

I go back in the store. Few minutes later hear kids screaming and a whole ruckus. Step back out to check it out and see some teenagers sprinting down the mall with one of them holding a big purple object. Those [ #2020 ] s had some how got the costume head off the guy, in front of the little kids, and bolted.

A few days later we were up top of the Radisson eating at the Carousel up in Duluth and my cousin and I were still laughing about it. Heck, we still laugh about it when it comes to mind.
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