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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Figured I would bump this thread for those that seek a bit of a safe harbor as it is pretty rough out there.
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  2. The outrage has merit though.

    regardless, this thread needs to continue to be a safe haven.
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  3. Better batten down the hatches. Its going to be rough seas ahead for the foreseeable future.
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  4. At least Baylor and SMU lost.
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  5. 20201024_153048.jpg

    Saw this on the way home from the game this afternoon. They must really like Chevy.
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  6. That Seattle/Arizona game was good. Who ever would have thought that Kingsbury would get fired and be a pretty decent NFL coach.
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  7. Hope Riley sees his success and makes the jump to the NFL too.
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  8. Had a potentially once in a lifetime whiskey experience last week. Toward the end of last year I tracked down a bottle of Dougherty's blended Pennsylvania rye whiskey that was distilled pre-Prohibition, tanked at least 11 years later, and bottled post-Prohibition. I also tracked down a bottle of Old Overholt Bonded 6 year old whiskey that was barreled the same year as the Frogs first Natty and bottled in 1941. I got together a small group of whiskey-loving friends at a distillery owned by a few of those whiskey-loving friends and we opened them up. I was pretty darn nervous that I may have paid big bucks for skunked or faked whiskey, but those fears were unfounded. The Overholt was easily the best rye I have had in my life. The Dougherty's was excellent as well, but a bit light at 80 proof, and I would gladly drink it every day.

  9. I like whiskey but I really just don’t drink much. Maybe one drink a month. I’d buy a bottle of any of those discussed here but it’s basically a multi year commitment.
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  10. Getting the 1st overall pick in the draft the same year Kyler Murray just had a breakout year was quite the stroke of luck. Perfect marriage. And then the whole Hopkins bamboozle where BoB sabotaged the Texans.
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  11. Same here. I just finished a bottle of Glenlivet I bought about two years ago.
  12. also same.

    and in before the 3 of us get ridiculed for not drinking enough brown water
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  13. Sounds like I’ve had more whiskey during Sober October than the three of you have in 2020 combined. Somebody’s doing it wrong, and I’m pretty comfortable with my end of the deal. Or maybe that’s just the buzz.
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  14. Looks like no Screetch, no Lisa, and no Mr B..... of course I don't have that damn channel but I see myself caving at some point.
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  15. That sounds amazing. I must be nice to be "whiskey loving friends" with H4L.
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  16. The Stars unveiled their new alternate jersey today. I like it.
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  17. Rum. And I drink one every so often theae days. Having lost weight and getting healthy, I have just been more disciplined about calorie intake.
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  18. Stay hard, Rice Tilley.

    not TCU related, but big pro-FW guy who will be missed.

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