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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Racist song from minstrel shows. Some players refused to play. Has been an issue since the summer. I haven’t heard anything new about it lately.
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  2. Hey! I’m a fan of the Redskins now. Haha

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  3. Saw that. Just dumb.
  4. I wish Parker Workman would spend more time on his swim move or how to cover a RB wheel route than his comedy routine
  5. this should give you a good idea:

    "Ally Morales is preparing for her second year as the Longhorn Band drum major, but she has already made her decision clear: She will no longer conduct the school’s fight song, “The Eyes of Texas,” due to its racist history, which came to light in June.

    No matter when they return to the stands after the pandemic, Morales and other band members say the song represents something they no longer feel comfortable promoting.

    “It’s not ultimately about the song, it’s about ingrained, institutionalized racism that frankly, in invisible form, takes the image of a school song,” Morales said. “Removing our alma mater is the first step to realizing the oppression that the Black students face on campus and off campus.” "

  6. She sounds like a fun date.
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  7. Ingrained...institutionalized..... yet also somehow invisible.
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  8. I never even knew I was being a racist when that song played.
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  9. There is a simple solution. If these students are so appalled and woke, why don't they leave the school and go to another university? Seems like a pretty simple fix to me.
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  10. Those all blue Rams jerseys are gross.
  11. Went to tiny outdoor wedding yesterday at Kimball House. The food was amazing, the company was better, and I wore this new horned frog lapel pin for the occasion. Got a TCU wedding in May, so it’s gonna get some more use.
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  12. Nobody gives a scheiss Ally.
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  13. is it truly possible for someone to be part of that band and be truly woke?

    maybe the oppression for black band members and students on campus starts not that the song was debuted at a minstrel show decades ago, but the porter wagoner uniforms


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  14. gonna guess that allegation is false.
  15. What's racist about Porter Wagoner?
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  16. no one looks good in that [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]ty shade of orange double knit with that awful trim and fringe

    heck, porter didn't even look good in those clothes

  17. HASMSP close to slipping off the the first page. Luckily Netflix released released the full trailer for my brother’s show Liberator today, so BUMP! This one gives you way more feel for the story than that teaser and almost 3 mins long. Hope all the vets will enjoy this show.


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