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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Rest In Peace Margaret Nolan, you’ll always be Golden.

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  2. Yeah. He must workout.
  3. I walked into the gym yesterday and saw the news on TV. My jaw dropped. RIP Joe
  4. Mountain lions are pretty bad ass, and not to be darned with.

    language warning, out of fear for his life.
  5. I saw that and my first thought was “All those big rocks, and you grab a phone to record your death.” I’m not saying I’m Billy Bad Ass, but I’ve had some run-ins with animals that could easily mame me in the woods.

    Also thought of the Mike Birbiglia skit, “I’m a bear, etc”

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  6. I’m fairly certain I’ve told the story on this thread before, but it seems particularly appropriate now. My dad came back from an evening hunt at our place in South Texas about 20 years ago and looked scared to death. We asked him what happened and he said he was walking the half mile back to the truck from his deer blind and heard something off in the brush, about 10-15 yards off the main road he was on.

    He said whatever it was paralleled him for like 300 yards. He was shouting at it and got his gun loaded and ready just in case. Keep in mind this is thick south Texas brush country, mesquite and cactus, so it was 100% an animal.

    He researched it afterwards and he found an article that said large cats will escort people out of their territory. Maybe it was a mama lion with cubs like the one in this video.
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  7. He initially grabbed his phone because he saw a mountain lion cub and you want to take a video of it. Then all the sudden mom came charging after him.

    And yeah, I was thinking the same thing the whole time, grab one of those rocks. If you read the article though, they say that’s what he did at the end to get her to run away
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  8. famous last words “where’s my gun”
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  9. Great product placement:

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  10. I have a buddy that has a series of badarse pictures of a jagarundi taken down in tilden.
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  11. Better than the run-in I had with a major league hog in Northeast Texas..
  12. How many beers did you have before you took her home?
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  13. Tomorrow going down to Traditions in College Station for 4 rounds of golf this weekend. Going to be a blast even though haven’t touched a club in 2-3 months
  14. A. it was tequila.
    B. she took me.
  15. TMI
  16. Look, until you had to escape a biker chick who tied you to refrigerator while she puts on a clown suit, you aint lived.
  17. I think i’d rather be shelled in the desert.
  18. While I greatly appreciate your putting it on the line for freedom, I'd rather you not have to face that again.

    I mean, at least the Clown tempted with cupcakes.
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  19. Thanks, I’d rather not too but as long as I wore the uniform it was my duty, so I did 4 tours and about a year after getting out I did one more back in Kuwait as a contractor for 5. Also I (foolishly) thought that’s who got promoted (hard chargers, multiple deployment volunteers, whatever you wanna call them), a fact I was made painfully aware was Not the case & quickly dis-abused of when I was invited to leave.
  20. Anybody know what this whole Eyes of Texas thing going on is? Looks like CDC has another headache.

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