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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. As bad as Dallas was in that 1st OT, Tampa wasn't great either. Neither team had a bunch of shots on goal, but Tampa definitely controlled most of the play. They just didn't do that much with it.
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  2. It is amazing. They basically played almost 3 games in 24 hrs when you add in the overtimes.
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  3. Welcome to high stakes playoff hockey where every single second of every single shift matters. There is nothing else like it in sports - especially playoff hockey in OT. It’s so painful how it just ends. In 2000, when Arnott scored in double OT to win it for NJ, I sat in one spot not moving for about 10 minutes because I couldn’t believe it. One second you’re alive, the next it’s over. No time to plan for it like a game winning field goal. No time to hope something will happen to stop a game winning run. It’s painful and awesome.

    And thinking about 2000 game 6 makes me miss Sydor.

    Let’s get another tomorrow. And then see what happens.
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  4. So I’ve been thinking about “everything the same” for tomorrow’s game.

    for game 5, I didn’t start watching the game until about midway through the 2nd period due to family stuff taking precedence.

    So I guess tomorrow I need to purposefully not watch until at least after the 2nd period begins? Anyone have a ruling on this?
  5. Watch. Cheer. Ride the rollercoaster. These opportunities don’t come around often.
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    This is what was going through my mind during that first OT last night. We couldn't clear the damn puck out of our own end and it seemed like Tampa kept it down there the whole period.

    Everytime they took a shot it felt like my heart stopped for a second lol.

    And you're right about these opportunities not coming around very often. Can't believe its been 20 years since the last time the Stars played for the Cup. Thats why I stayed at the watch party until the very end of game 5 and I'll stay all the way until the end of game 6, no matter how many overtimes it takes.
  7. I lump the Rangers, Mavs, Stars, and college basketball together. I don't normally watch regular season games. If the local pro team is in the playoffs then I normally watch every game until they are eliminated. Stars have been fantastic.

    I normally watch a Cowboy game because that's what everyone wants to do. Don't really care if they win or lose, just can't stand Jerry. Sunday's game against Seattle was entertaining because it was close.

    Now if I get a chance to go to a Ranger, Maverick or Stars game I'm there. One game in person per year would be perfect for me.

    I may watch a college football game if it's a really big game, but very few of those.

    Have missed like three TCU home football games since graduation in 1973 before this year. Season ticket holder almost every year. Watch every Frog football game.

    Try to watch every Frog basketball game on TV. Try to go to a game in person once a year.

    In summary, I normally get most all the sports I need from the Frogs.
  8. As long as you don't change your underwear, you'll be fine.
  9. So, do I get to watch tonight's game?

  10. Womp
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  11. Screenshot_20200928-185123_Gallery.jpg
  12. Gotta stop the dumbass penalties or this game will be over quick.
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  13. I feel like Tampa has been on a PP the entire game
  14. QFT
  15. Did anyone else watch the Frogs in the Kitchen zoom cooking class with Aaron Sanchez and David Hawthorne? It was highly entertaining.
  16. Actually wanted to but it was our anniversary. That was entertaining too.
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