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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. That was disappointing but probably the outcome we should have expected. As a Stars fan I am now 1-4 in Stanley Cup Finals. I’d like another win.
  2. It was like they were out of gas or something. No energy at all on offense until it was too late. I had got so used to seeing them come back over and over during this playoff run. Kept expecting to see it one more time but it never happened.
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  3. Just remember ... If you don't play this game with a big heart and a big bag of knuckles in front of the net, you don't got dinky-do.

  4. Ha, I heard on the Twins TV broadcast that Giolito for the White Sox had thrown six perfect innings against the A's.

    Switched over to ESPN to take a look but not quick enough to see that he'd given up a hit.

    Paging Kaylee Hartung.
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  5. We had a lower draw than Troy and BYU.
  6. yes, but troy state does have more alums than tcu so there is that to be factored
  7. That was the only game on tv at that time. And the first late night game.
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  8. Don't the have a multi campus set up and a ton of folks through their online system? They have pretty big alum system.
  9. no idea really, heck i didn't even know they were located in a town called troy until this afternoon

    they do however report over 100,000 alums so i would guess there are more than a few distance learners
  10. While I don't know how much of it ties to military personnel like Maryland does, but they have had a great rep with their distance learning. To the point that Bama stepped up their game in that area.
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    "Since 1950, Troy University has served and supported the United States Armed forces and the men and women who serve or who have served in uniform, their spouses and their dependents. The University proudly counts some 60 flag officers among the ranks of its alumni, has a presence on or near over 30 military installations worldwide and participates in online learning programs with all service branches. For generations, Troy University has understood the needs of the military student and has built a military inclusive institution offering a broad range of high quality, very affordable undergraduate and graduate academic programs supported by outstanding student services."


    Back in the 70's, I was reassigned before I completed all the classes I needed for my Masters degree.

    I took one course from Troy on-base at Maxwell AFB (Montgomery AL). (I also took two courses from AUM.)

    Officers attending professional military schools at Maxwell could/would also sign up and concurrently complete a Masters degree through Troy.
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  12. The Embrey Riddle of their time. Pay your fees get your Bs.
    Sorry for the inside baseball USAF advanced degree reference
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  13. if anyone has not seen it, yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the release of christopher guest's masterpiece "best of show"

    might be some of the best work from the late fred willard. here is the link to a nice article about the movie and i would recommend it to those wanting to see something different

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  14. Were there cadre at Maxwell for OTS back then? Just wondering.
  15. nuts
  16. In the 70's, the major purveyor of "Master's Degrees in Tuition Payment" on most bases was Webster College (now University).

    In the 80's the military masters industry attracted some big names: For example, you could get a Masters from Michigan State at Lakenheath.

    Just checked and the degree programs at Lakenheath now include Maryland, Oklahoma, Embry-Riddle, and Central Texas.
  17. No. OTS moved to Maxwell in September 1993 from Lackland AFB.
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  18. I got my MPA from Auburn University Montgomery while attending Air Command and Staff College at Maxwell in 1997. Hardest 10 months of my life.
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