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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. So my son just got his learner’s permit

    I guess I’m gonna regret all of those years watching Top Gear and The Grand Tour with him



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  2. Racist.


    The unknown factor about AI is the rate at which it will progress. The theory on AI is that as it learns more, it will begin to exponentially progress. So if AI does what people think it’s capable of doing, it will progress at a much more rapid rate than we ever realized simply because it becomes so smart, so fast. So while we think truck drivers(Ron’s example) jobs are secure for another 10-15-20 years, the reality is, it may be much sooner. We already have Uber driverless cars. We aren’t too far off.

    Isn’t Yang also the candidate that is proposing that all Americans should start being paid a monthly stipend to help people start “saving” for impending job losses? Something to that affect.
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  3. you most likely hope he drives like may, the insurance company hopes he doesn't drive like hammond, and the parents of his future dates hope he doesn't have the manners of clarkson
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. [​IMG]
    Difficult to imagine fatal single car accident yesterday. This car left the road and went up the embankment and wedged itself between the bridge and the concrete embankment. I have never seen something quite like this. I drove past the accident yesterday and could only see the first-responder's vehicles in the road. I was trying to figure out why the highway was shut down and never saw the wedged car that was hiding up the embankment. I saw the photo later that evening on the news.
    The rumor is that the driver was texting, but no details have been released yet.
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  6. fan of top gear, but i really, really like the grand tour series.

    the street race around detroit, the challenge who could get fresh fish from the african coast to the inland village, the trip to columbia, and of course the trip to mongolia where they had the parts of the car parachuted to them etc...

    plus the opening of the series which was a big fu to the bbc.

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  7. I had a good friend from school/church growing up (and coincidentally, a TCU grad) who died in a single car wreck hitting a bridge abutment on the freeway several years ago. Rumor was she was texting. Put the phones down errbody.
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Think of royalty and you'll know.
  11. Highly recommended.
  12. I often wondered why that didn’t happen more often in San Antonio when I lived there 3 times. And other highway places there where you could drift off the road And shoulder and end up airborne all the way down to the next underpass highway.
  13. I've often "joked" that I want my oldest (daughter) to just be a welder. Go to trade school, come out making $80-$100k, etc... That, or just go get $250k+ in debt, get a history degree, wear slutty clothes and hope you marry a rich dude (kind of joking).

    She's cute as hell and funny, though, so she could probably nail the latter.

    My 5 year-old son better learn how to weld, though!
  14. Uber Elevate. 2023
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  15. Does anybody know who won the game??
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  16. Nuts. My Paschal HS son got his drivers license last week--same day that a Pashcal HS student died racing on McCart at lunch.
  17. My rules for my kids when they were young drivers:
    -no highways until they had their license for 1 year (may be difficult in the Metroplex). If they have a wreck, it is likely to be a much lower speed and better survival rate.
    -no under 21 year old passengers for one year. Other kids are very distracting and may pressure you into doing something stupid, like racing or road rage.
    -no radio for the first six months (compliance with this was likely poor). Can be too distracting for a young driver.
    -cell phone must be put away at all times and if they receive a phone call or text, they should pull into the nearest safe parking lot and return the call if needed. Still a good rule for adults too.

    If you can get them to be compliant with those rules, the safety of them driving will increase exponentially.
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  18. My dad bought me a (used) candy apple red trans am with t-tops and told me not to mix beer and whiskey.

    Sometimes I wonder how I’m still here.
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  19. Yeah, I can recall being 16 and driving on the newly constructed Hwy 114 in my Firebird at 120 mph. If you survived back in those days, you generally became a pretty decent driver.

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