Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

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  1. Yeah, thanks. They said it was great architecture, but run down. With really nice people. Dad said it was pretty much exactly what you expect after seeing Godfather Part II.
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  2. They were italian living in the US. Did they go to cuba or Detroit?
  3. Maybe hes thinking of Scarface. At 69 your mind starts to go.
  4. Honestly, I'm not particularly interested in either one, but give me flying T over that failed Nike attempt every time.
  5. The elusive double last name name
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  6. But did he bring back cigars?
  7. Shagsters asking for context on this gif. Thoughts?

  8. Have you never seen Godfather Part 2?

    “I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart.”
  9. I'd wear the Flying T version
  10. Yeah, for him. I can’t smoke. 25 years of a can a day Copenhagen habit. Quit about 5 years ago and am not taking any chances. Can’t go back to that [ steaming pile of Orgeron ].
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  11. Should've been more like...

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  12. I have seen it about 10 times. I was making a cuba joke.
  13. Onion buns
  14. Id still cover it in Horsey sauce, feel me?
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  15. Now I'm hungry. Darner.
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  16. Arbys is underrated fast food
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  17. Because beer; I am not ashamed by blaring R Kelly Bump and Grind on my porch at 2:08am on a Friday.
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  18. 400-lb black man driving the airport shuttle to my terminal from my remote parking in, well basically Coppell, is singing “Stay” by Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories to himself while driving. This is so darning weird.

    edit: He’s pretty good, though.
  19. To the tune of Dont wanna fight by Alabama Shakes,
    Ive been singing Dont wanna work no more no i dont wanna work no more.

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