Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

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  1. That show is next on my list. Heard some pretty great things about it.
  2. image.jpg
    View from my hotel window
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  4. Marble Falls looks nicer than I remember.
  5. Yep

  6. It is safer
  7. I had a girlfriend from Niagara Falls. Canadian side. You wouldn't know her.
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  8. Had a similar view a couple months ago. We stayed at Marriott On The Falls.
  9. Staying at the Falls Hilton for CLE in October. Where's the fun stuff?
  10. The view from the Canadian side is much better. The boat tour is really good. The Niagara Fury 3D adventure is corny. Skip it. Behind the falls tour is decent. That's all I know so far.
  11. Same place
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  12. You there for the eclipse?
  13. See my last post.
  14. This will be my first trip to the Canadian side. Done the American side stuff, including Maid of the Mist, a couple times. Probably won't mess with the boat tour. Kinda want to drive up to the forts on Lake Ontario.
  15. Sadly, no.
  16. You there for the eclipse?

  17. [​IMG]
  18. Another solid option:

  19. Those pesky warrants (again?) or mule-ing the "good stuff" across the border (again?).
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