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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. What are your thoughts on wearing crocs??

  2. tough call, really depends on a lot of factors, can easily cross the line depending on type of activity, socks, pants vs. shorts, etc..

    Your thoughts?
  3. Just wanted the stance of doosh patrol. As for me, I think crocs from anyone under the age of 50 are awesome.
  4. Crocs suck, and anyone who says otherwise is a cotton headed ninny muggins.
  5. Lambda Chi story was funny
  6. I am not surprised by that fraternity. It could have easily been the F1J1's as well--similar group of guys.
  7. Were their shirts tied around their waist's?
  8. Never okay
  9. In my book, GMFP plates would be one of the few exceptions to the "vanity plates are for women and gays only" rule

  10. They should have at least been wearing their Intramural Champions t-shirts.

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  11. Crocs are good fishing shoes, that's really the only time I wear mine... when I'm out on the pier or the boat. Good traction and doesn't matter if they get wet or bloody.

    I got purple of course, I'm not gonna wear something goofy like Crocs without at least supporting the Frogs doing it
  12. The farmer had a dog and his name was B I N G O
  13. My license plate says "SAMPLE".
  14. Is DBG PTRL available?
  15. Where is the link for specialty plates?
  16. What's a Doosh? Is that like a [Cowherd]? Seems to me that being on "Doosh" patrol is pretty douchie. It is a free service so you get what you pay for ... [​IMG]
  17. I grabbed "07 TCU" months ago when they released the new TCU plates. Little did I know that made me a girl.
  18. www.myplates.com
  19. You may have a point, thanks for pointing it out. I'll take that under consideration.
  20. PERGE!!!!

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