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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Let me know your ruling.
  2. I don't normally issue rulings. I was ust explaining my actions to Billups - tough love.

    I agree that if I were "issuing rulings" all the time it would be douchie. I will continue to make fun of people who exhibit douchie behavior.

    I am not innocent, I have had buddies rib me for douchie behavior. Its simple, just discontinue said behavior.

    Good enough?
  3. Keep em coming! I was trying to pull you offsides with my crocs comment, but you didn't jump. Stayed put and caused the offense to call timeout. Good work.

  4. Who? Who will not wear the ribbon!?!?!?!?
  5. I'm with PurplePainD on most everything in this thread. I will let people know when they are being dooshy so they can fix said dooshy behavior, and I appreciate being called out by my friends if I'm doing something dooshy so I can fix it.

    I mean, would you rather keep on doing something dooshy for five years, not knowing the whole time that people are making fun of you behind your back?

    By the way, the "DSH PTRL" license plate suggestion cracked me up

  6. Ask roddog.
  7. With all this talk about personalized plates being for homos and girls, I'd be reluctant to put the letters "GYS" next to each other, especially when the preceding part of the plate could also be read as a separate word unto itself.

    If you get my drift.
  8. DBG PTRL, what is your stance on single guys in their late 30s owning multiple cats? I have my own opinion would like a doosh determination. I'm limiting it to single guys for all the guys out there who's wifes or girlfriends are cat people.
  9. are you implying that it is okay for a single guy to own a cat?
  10. Lord no.
  12. Solid hard count, but the down and distance didn't feel right!
  13. Sounds like a couple guys on this thread are terribly insecure with themselves and have to make up for by making fun of others by claiming they are dooshy instead..

    PS. I only have state issued plates because I got a good plate number (though the SWC part is a few years too late). Otherwise I would have spent the money to support the "Keep Texas Wild" horn frog plate.
  14. Well you covered your bases with the plate information. Now, do you wear crocs, beyond exempted circumstances, and are you a single guy in your late 30s with pet cats?
  15. I'd put a smiley emoticon here to signify that I think this post is funny, but emoticons are dooshy
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  16. no to all of the above, but if supporting Texas Parks and Wildlife is dooshy, wouldn't that include all the hunters on here since hunting fees also support Texas Parks.
  17. Specialty plates with random numbers have drawn a consensus of being non-dooshy, so put your claws down Alice
  18. Agreed, however, I have been known to use them with the wife unit via txt
  19. Yeah I hear ya, I've been known to do the same thing with girls... I feel kinda gay doing it, but they're so bad at picking up humor via text, that you have to throw in a smiley face to let them know you meant your comment in a fun-spirited manner and weren't being an arsehole
  20. Haha.

    I'd like to hear your opinion on popped collars. A buddy of mine says there's a golf exemption, and that you can pop your collar on the course for sun blocking purposes. I'm of the ilk that it's never ok. I even feel a little dooshy when I'm wearing a long-sleeved jacket/pullover that has a collar that stands up on it's own. Please discuss.

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